SPD 3.8.2023


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

February 22

Officers went to North Main Street in reference to a 911 call about someone making illegal drugs. Offender was arrested and taken to Emanuel County Jail for booking.

Officer responded to the area of William Roundtree Street in reference to an aggressive dog running loose. C/p advised that the dog was being aggressive towards her and her dog and bit her dog. The dog was located, and animal control was called.

Officer met with c/p on South Main Street in reference to her boyfriend hitting her. Information was gathered and c/p. was advised of legal remedies.

Officer was advised by the front desk clerk that a purse was turned in by the c/p and that the victim was contacted vis phone call. Before a report could be initiated, a woman came and got the purse and all of the contents. The purse was allegedly found in a buggy at Walmart.

Officer met with c/p at SPD in reference to a report. C/p advised that on Sunday he allowed his “good buddy and friend” to store his gun at a residence. He is unable to get in touch with offender and he hopes he will return his gun.

Officer made a traffic stop for failure to maintain lane on Industrial Way. Offender ended up being arrested for possession and use of drug related objects, failure to maintain lane, and driving while unlicensed.

Officer was dispatched to West Moring Street in reference to a vehicle being broken into. C/p states that her vehicle was broken into and that two wallets were missing, but the doors may have been unlocked at the time.

February 23

Officer initiated a traffic stop and offender was arrested for possession less that one ounce of marijuana.

Officers responded to Louise Street in reference to somebody making threatening statements to another. Victim stated that she received messages from her brother on Snapchat threatening to come to Swainsboro with his gun and girlfriend to handle her. She stated that this all started when she referred his girlfriend to a place that does income taxes. She was okay with paying the $800 filing fee, but the boyfriend grew angry when he found out.

Officer was dispatched by Emanuel County 911 to Washington Street in reference to armed robbery. Information was gathered and Bulloch County SO was contacted for assistance as well.

February 24

Officer was dispatched to South Main Street, Robins Financial, in reference to a report. C/p stated that offender had come through the drive thru at the bank with a trailer loaded with stuff, and when he went to leave, the items were too tall and caused damage to the roof of the drive thru.

Officer conducted a traffic stop, offender was arrested for DUI, failure to stop at stop sign, and driving with a suspended license.

February 25

Officer conducted a traffic stop and offender was arrested for DUI, interference with a police officer, and driving with a suspended license.

911 dispatched officers to Wendy’s in reference to a c/p stating that she had been threatened by someone in the restaurant. C/p stated that one of the other employees threatened him when he was putting together a meal and he was missing a medium fry, when asking for this, the offender threw the fries at him and started cursing at him. Offender stated that they only got into a verbal argument, and nothing was thrown; coworkers stated the same thing.

Officer conducted a traffic stop and offender was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

February 26

Officer was dispatched to Lewis Street in reference to someone breaking into a home. Officer observed a man banging on the front door of the residence and pulled his service weapon from his holster and demanded him to show his hands. He was detained and was taken to the jail for booking.

February 27

Officer was dispatched to Lindsey Road (Ogeechee Steel) in reference to a stolen bicycle. C/p stated that he left his apartment at Latitude 105 on the bicycle and went to work at Ogeechee Steel. He stated that he forgot his key at home and went back to get it, parked his bicycle and only went inside to retrieve the keys. Upon his return the bicycle was gone.

Officer made contact with c/p at SPD in reference to a dispute. She advised that offender keeps making comments towards her when in public and she believes that she is attempting to get c/p to fight her.

Officer responded to Crump Street in reference to a report that someone had dumped c/p/victim’s belongings by the road. C/p stated that her ex-girlfriend brought her belongings from her house and dumped it at the end of her driveway.

March 1

Officer was at SPD and was notified by coworkers that the female that was paying her ticket up front was wanted in Jenkins and Bulloch Counties. She was detained but argued with officers and failed to comply.

Officer conducted a traffic stop and offender was arrested for interference with an officer and safety belt violation.

Officer was dispatched to Mable Avenue in reference to a male subject receiving harassing phone calls and text messages. C/p stated that offender will not stop calling him and his girlfriend because he is mad due to the fact that he thought they were together in the past and now he has a girlfriend and she is pregnant.

Officer conducted a traffic stop and offender was arrested for possession of less than 1 ounce or marijuana, operating an unregistered vehicle, and no insurance.

March 2

Officer arrested an offender for public drunkenness.

Officer performed a traffic stop and offender was arrested for no insurance and operating an unregistered vehicle.

Officer performed a traffic stop and offender was arrested for no insurance.

Officer was dispatched to SPD in reference to a report. C/p stated that someone had stolen his tv from his home on Tuesday while he was at work. He stated that he knew the person that had taken it and said that he broke in with either a knife or a screwdriver. Offender told c/p that he was going to sell the tv for $60.00.

Offender was served a warrant and was also charged for littering.


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