SPD 2.22.2023


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

February 9

Officers responded to Enmarket in reference to a male subject asleep on the bathroom floor and possibly unresponsive. Upon arrival, a man was spotted walking north on Electric Drive and employees were pointing at him. Officers recognized the offender who had also urinated on himself and was unsteady on his feet. Officers made contact with the offender who was unable to effectively communicate with officers. He was visibly intoxicated and had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage. He also had a small cut on his arm which was cleaned up. It was revealed that the offender entered the cooler area of the store, retrieved an alcoholic beverage, and drank it inside the store and left without paying. The offender was arrested for public drunkenness along with shoplifting.

Officers made contact with complainant at El Valle Mexican Restaurant in reference to a customer leaving without paying for their food. C/p gave a description of offender and named all of the items that he consumed.

Officer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a theft by shoplifting. C/p had the offender detained inside the loss prevention office. C/p stated that he observed the act of shoplifting by concealing a couple smart watches. A clear pipe was also found on the offender. He was arrested for theft by shoplifting and possession and use of drug related objects.

Officer was dispatched to McLeod Drive in reference to someone sharing another person’s inappropriate photographs. The victim stated that her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend was sharing the victim’s inappropriate pictures to others.

Officer responded to Alice Circle in reference to a report of someone busting the windshield of their car. C/p/victim advised 911 that the offender had left the area on foot. C/p stated that she and the offender had broken up the week before and when the offender found her at her friend’s apartment, he got angry and busted her windshield. The offender was found and placed under arrest for criminal trespass.

February 10

Officer was dispatched to N. Anderson Dr. in reference to a male subject being drunk and laying on the ground at the door of the property. The offender claimed he wanted help due to his drinking problem. He also had a bench warrant. He was placed under arrest for the warrant along with public intoxication.

February 11

Officer was dispatched that a c/p had someone trying to break into her house. Upon arrival, officers made themselves known and c/p stated that she did not know why she called, the offender had already left. She had also made a report on the offender for the same offense the week before. The c/p identified the offender.

Officer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a call about shoplifting. Footage showed offender taking items adding up to $147.80. Offender was arrested.

Officer was already on scene at Walmart when an employee witnessed a male stuffing items into his clothing. Offender had taken items adding up to $45.22 and was arrested.

Officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle with their headlights off. Offender had an odor of alcoholic beverage also. Officer ran his license and it came back suspended. He was arrested for DUI and suspended license.

February 12

Officer was dispatched to Jerome Street in reference to a call about a busted vehicle window. C/p stated that she noticed the window when she was walking outside her home to do something in the yard. She had last seen the window the day before.

February 13

C/p came to SPD in reference to a letter that she had received from the Swainsboro Municipal Court stating that she had missed court and that she had 30 days to respond or her license would be suspended. She stated that she had never been pulled over in Swainsboro and that she lived in Metter. She also said that the same thing had happened before when her sister used her name and date of birth on a traffic stop. When asked where her sister lived, she did not know.

Officer responded to S. Green Street in reference to a physical altercation taking place in the roadway in front of the residence. C/p stated that she and her neighbor got into a verbal dispute over their two juvenile male children playing together. The offender then picked up a brick and threw it at the c/p. Both parties were advised of legal remedies.

February 14

Officer observed a vehicle with a driver who had a warrant out of Burke County for criminal trespass. He was placed under arrest for the warrant along with suspended license.


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