SPD 2.15.2023


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

February 2

Officer responded to Herrington Avenue in reference to a report of entering auto. Upon arrival contact was made with complainant/victim. C/p stated that his vehicle had broken down the night before and was left on the side of the road. When he returned, he noticed that some of his belongings were laying on the ground. He had locked the vehicle before leaving it but someone gained entry and stole a rifle. There were multiple hand prints on the tailgate and door.

February 3

Officers responded to W Pine Street in reference to a stolen vehicle. Officers spoke with the victim who stated that he had last seen his vehicle in his yard the day before. He woke up the next morning and noticed his vehicle missing out of the yard. His keys had also gone missing the week before.

Officer was dispatched to Goodfellas Garage in reference to a civil dispute. C/p reported that in November of 2022, she delivered her vehicle to the offender’s garage for repairs. C/p reported that she paid the offender a total of $600 and $400 via cashapp. C/p reported that she repeatedly had been checking on the vehicle but kept being notified that it would be ready soon.

Officer met with c/p at SPD in reference to a damage to vehicle report. She advised that a few weeks prior at either Emanuel Medical Center or Harvey’s Supermarket damage was sustained to the driver’s side rear bumper area of her vehicle.

911 dispatched officers to West Moring Street in reference to c/p stating that their vehicle had been gone through. Upon arrival contact was made with c/p who stated that while he was at the church located on Lee Street, his vehicle was entered by an unknown suspect. His son had also gone to his son to get his backpack and it was gone.

Officer responded to King Circle Drive for a possible domestic. Upon arrival officer could hear yelling. He made contact with c/p and offender. C/p stated that he was breaking things, yelling, and cussing at her. He then grabbed a pot and acted like he was going to hit her. Officer could see some broken items, there had also been 4 calls to this residence in the past 3 months. Offender admitted to breaking things. He was placed under arrest and was charged with disorderly house.

Officer responded to Gumlog Rd for someone wanting to make a report. Upon arrival officer made contact with c/p who stated that she and her husband had been separated for 2 months. She asked him for her things and he started going off on her.

Officer responded to S Coleman Street in reference to a damage to vehicle report. C/p stated that there was damage to her mother’s vehicle, but the cause was unknown. There was also a red floor jack missing.

February 4

Officer was patrolling in the area of West Moring Street and observed a vehicle traveling east. The driver pulled into Pop a Top bar and blue lights were activated. The vehicle had no valid insurance and suspended registration.

Officer was patrolling the area of West Moring Street. Officer heard a horn blaring at KFC. Officer initiated a traffic stop and the vehicle did not stop. When finally making contact, a strong alcoholic odor was coming from the vehicle. A field sobriety test was performed and failed. The driver was arrested for a DUI.

Officer met with c/p at her residence, the Budget Inn. She advised that her boyfriend put his hands on her and was trying to take her phone.

Officer was dispatched to Project Street in reference to a dispute. C/p reported that the offender is the father of her child. C/p reported that the offender took a key to her residence and refuses to return the key.

Officer responded to Walmart in reference to shoplifting. Officer made contact with c/p who stated that he observed offender taking items and putting them on his person. He was placed under arrest.

Officers responded to W MLK Jr Blvd in reference to an unwanted person outside of the residence that wouldn’t leave. C/p told officers that her ex had been served with a criminal trespass warning for the housing authority but he keeps coming to her residence uninvited. He was gone upon law enforcement arrival.

February 5

Officer observed a vehicle with a driver’s side headlight out. The vehicle had suspended registration and no valid insurance. A traffic stop was conducted and two citations were issued.

Officer was dispatched to Lee St in reference to an entering auto. C/p advised that he woke up for church but the keys were missing from the ignition of his vehicle.

Officers responded to E. Pine Street in reference to shots fired. C/p stated that they were inside church when they first heard the shot, and heard the second shot when going outside.

Officer was dispatched to N Green Street in reference to a domestic dispute. C/p was provided with information on how to obtain a TPO.

Officers met on W Church Street in reference to a verbal dispute the previously took place. C/p advised that her boyfriend and the father of her 2 month old child got mad at her for taking his phone when she observed another woman on his phone.

Officers were dispatched to Turner Drive in reference to a dispute. Officers spoke with both victim and offender who stated that they got into an argument over ice that led to a physical pushing. Victim wanted offender to leave location.

Officers were dispatched to King Circle Drive for a car vs. deer. Contact was made with c/p who stated that he hit a deer during his drive home.

February 6

Officer responded to William Rountree Road in reference to some stolen items. C/p stated that he came home and his bathroom window was open and several items missing.

February 7

Officer was dispatched to First Methodist Church in reference to a female urinating in the parking lot on church grounds. Multiple children watched the woman commit the act.

Officer was dispatched to E Pine Street in reference to a damaged vehicle.

February 6

Officer was at the intersection of Main and Main with a busted passenger side tail light lens. The vehicle had no valid insurance coverage. A citation was issued and vehicle was towed.

Officer met with c/p at SPD in reference to a credit card that he found. The victim was contacted and got her card back.

C/p pulled up to officers at Truist Bank to file a report about an altercation that took place at the Easy Stop. She stated that a man in a truck was touching her in ways she did not consent to.

C/p pulled into Truist Bank to inform officers that she had gotten into a verbal altercation with the clerk at the Easy Stop.


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