SPD 2.1.2023


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

January 17

Officer responded to Pughsley Street in reference to a neighbor’s dog chasing people down the street. Upon arrival, officer met with complainant who stated that there was a German shepherd and a bulldog that got loose from the residence and has been chasing people down the street and has already bitten two people. Animal Control arrived on scene and was able to secure the animals and transport them to animal control to find the owners. Citations will be issued to the owner for dogs at large (X2).

Officer took a report at SPD in reference to a damaged vehicle report. The victim came to the PD stating that her cousin threw something at her vehicle’s back passenger window causing it to break.

Officer took a walk-in report at SPD in reference to the victim’s baby father posting an inappropriate video of them. The victim stated that he posted it due to her not wanting a relationship with him anymore.

Officer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a report. C/p stated that offender did not pay for some of her items and attempted to leave without paying. Items totaled to a value of $32.42. Offender was placed under arrest for shoplifting and transported to Emanuel County Jail.

Officer responded to Walmart in reference to a female in the asset protection office served with a criminal trespass warning. C/p stated that the female was asking customers for money, and also had shoplifted from Walmart on an earlier date. C/p stated that he wanted her trespassed but she did not have an ID and he didn’t know if the name she was giving him was real. She was served with criminal trespass warning.

Officer responded to Powell St & West Church Street for loud music. Officer could hear the music from 500 feet or more. C/p stated that she has called about the music before & offender still hadn’t stopped it. He was advised to play the music inside the house so no one could hear it.

January 18

C/p came to SPD wanting to make a report of someone taking her grandson’s bicycle. She stated that it was taken on Stevens Drive when her grandson’s friend went to see his mom and the offender stopped him in the road and told the little boy he didn’t look right on the bicycle and picked him off of it. Offender told c/p that he took the bike to the police department, but they did not have anything to match the description.

Officer was dispatched to Lee Street in reference to a male subject who wants to make a report on someone threatening him. C/p stated that offender came over to his house and started arguing with him over a female subject that they were both seeing. They were told to avoid each other.

Officer was positioned at West MLK Blvd & North Green St when a vehicle the passed him did not have working tag lights. After initiating the traffic stop, officer could smell an alcoholic beverage coming off of offender. His vehicle had no insurance as well. A field sobriety test was performed and the offender was arrested for DUI less safe, tag light violation, no insurance, unregistered vehicle, and open container.

January 19

Officer was dispatched to Glenwood Road in refence to a call of a hit and run. C/p stated that she noticed the damage on her vehicle and that there were cameras in the parking lot but none facing her car.

Officer was dispatched to Hwy 56 south in reference to meet with a male subject that had his firearm stole from Gumlog Park. On arrival, officer met with c/p who stated that the handgun was stolen from his nephew while he was at Gumlog Park while speaking with someone on the basketball courts.

Officer observed a car travelling with both tail lights busted. Driver could not find a license but was able to supply a Social Security Card. Driver had a suspended driver’s license for failure to appear.

Officer observed a headlight not working on the vehicle along with the passenger tail light missing a red cover. A faint odor of marijuana was detected along with some alcohol found. Both the driver and passenger were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, underage possession of alcohol, and underage possession of tobacco.

Officer was approached by a male subject who stated his firearm had been stolen and he hadn’t seen it for 2 weeks. He was able to give a serial number.

January 20

Officer was posted at South Main Street and Injunction Road for morning school traffic. A pick-up truck was seen going an estimate of 50 in a 35, radar picked up 49 in a 35. After running the license, it came up suspended for failure to appear. He was taken into custody for speeding in a school zone and driving with a suspended license.

Officer was at the intersection of Industrial Way and Stevens Drive and observed a vehicle with a green in color validation sticker indicating expiration in 2022. The driver was issued a citation for operation of an unregistered vehicle and no insurance.

C/p came to SPD and stated that her phone bill had been going up with new charges. The charges on the bill had been continuously changing.

Officer made contact with offender at Goodfellas Garage in reference to an active warrant. He was placed under arrest.

Officer was dispatched to Burger King in reference to a criminal trespass report. C/p stated that the husband of one of her employees keeps coming to the restaurant while his wife is working and has been asked more than once not to come. He refused because they did not have the papers to say that he had to leave.

January 21

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that had a headlight out. The vehicle also did not have valid insurance and he also had a suspended license. He was placed under arrest.

January 22

Officers were dispatched to W. MLK for a domestic in progress. Contact was made with c/p who stated that she didn’t mean to call 911, she was also highly intoxicated. She was asked about a man being in the home and she would not reply. The male had been criminally trespassed from the residence.

Officer was dispatched to N Main Street to meet a black van in the rear parking lot. Upon arrival officer met with c/p and offender who stated there was an altercation where the offender exited the vehicle with a firearm and began shooting.


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