SPD 1.25.2023


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

January 9, 2023

Officer was sitting stationary on Coleman St. when a vehicle looked at the officer and pulled into the lot beside him and lifted his hood. Officer went over and offender stated he was checking the hood latch. Officer pulled out and observed the vehicle pull out onto Coleman St., at which time he ran the tag to find it had cancelled registration and no insurance. Officer initiated a traffic stop and asked offender for his license and insurance, and offender stated he does not have a license due to being suspended. Officer smelled an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Officer ran offender’s license and found they are suspended due to failure to appear and an active warrant for ECSO. Offender stated he was driving the vehicle because they are working on it for repairs. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was dispatched to New St. in reference to complainant stating a vehicle drive by her house and someone pointed a gun at them. C/p stated the vehicle was following them on Red Bud Ave. 911 dispatched that c/p no longer needed a police officer. Soon after leaving New St., 911 stated that the location changed to W. MLK Blvd. Officer relocated there and called for assistance due to multiple vehicles in the yard and people were running in and out of the house. C/p was screaming and said she had been robbed. Officer was finally able to get some info from one of the persons that was with c/p who stated offender went in the house when c/p and others were in their car being followed. Officer talked to a witness that stated she saw three vehicles drive up to the house and she saw a bunch of people run in and out of the house and gave the tag number of the suspicious vehicle. Det. was informed that offender was at SPD and went to speak with her. C/p arrived at SPD with other people and started screaming at the mother of offender stating she wanted her stuff back. C/p was told several times to get back in her vehicle multiple times with no response. C/p was then arrested for DOC. Officers then spoke with another person that had scratch marks on her neck and asked what happened and she stated a fight took place over the weekend. She stated that she and one of the offenders got into a fight and c/p was with them and offender went to c/p’s house and stole her items out of retaliation for the fighting.

Officer was dispatched to D&I for a dispute. Complainant stated offender had been videoing her in public and she wanted him to stop. C/p stated that offender threw peanuts at her vehicle and picked up a brick like he was going to throw it at her vehicle. Officer spoke with offender who stated he did not throw anything at her vehicle. Officer then went inside the store and reviewed the camera and offender did throw something at c/p’s vehicle and picked something up and acted like he was going to throw it. Offender was arguing with people outside the store at the beginning of the dispute and pushed someone outside the store at the beginning of the confrontation.

Officer was dispatched to Roadway Inn in reference to someone denying to pay for services. Officer spoke with complainant who stated offender had been on scene but left prior to their arrival. C/p stated offender owed for two nights and damaged the microwave in the room. C/p also stated that offender took the room key.

Officer was dispatched to Pinetucky in reference to a male subject trying to steal meat. Complainant advised the male subject put a pack of ribeye steaks in his jacket and tried to leave the store without paying, and c/p he tackled the subject to keep him from leaving. Offender apologized to c/p and was arrested for theft by shoplifting, and issued a criminal trespass warning.

Officer was dispatched to Industrial Way in reference to a female being harassed through text message. Complainant showed officer her cell phone where she was added to a group chat with 20 other phone numbers. The first initial text was a link. As officer read through the messages, it was clear that the link was a scam and other people in the group chat were arguing, but nothing was directed towards c/p. C/p was advised on how to remove her number form the group chat.

January 10

Officer received a call from complainant wanting a report done about a tractor trailer truck taking out his mailbox. C/p advised the ruck also took out a power line pole that had already been replaced. C/p stated the cable was across his driveway and in the ditch. C/p also stated that the tractor trailer truck was dragging stuff behind it but he could not tell what it was. Officer then walked the road and noticed the truck possibly took out a second mailbox and there were parts of the cable still in the road.

Officer was dispatched to SPD and met with complainant who stated her son’s bicycle had been stolen.

Officer observed a vehicle with a brake light out, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Offender continued to drive and turned without using his turn signal. Officer advised 911 that the vehicle was not stopping. Once the vehicle finally stopped, offender jumped out of the vehicle and was given verbal demands to show his hands. Officer could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Offender then began to scream for his mama and whoever else could hear him. A female ran out of the house hollering as well, wanting to know what was going on. Officer advised offender’s mom that if she would settle down, he would explain what was going on. While explaining the reason for the stop, and offender not stopping, offender’s mom stated that they don’t trust the police and she would not have stopped either. Officer then searched offender and placed him in the back seat of his patrol unit. Offender’s mother got a little irate and was walking towards officer. Another officer intervened and told her to stop and back up and she did not follow commands at first but then after her second command, she stopped. Another officer then intervened and began speaking to her. Two officers began searching the vehicle and found marijuana shake in the floor board. Officer opened the center console and found a clear bag with a marijuana stem and showed offender’s mother what was found. Due to the small amount of marijuana, offender was not charged with possession, but was transported to EmCo Jail for no brake light and attempting to flee/elude.

Officer responded to McLeod Bridge Rd. in reference to a stolen phone. Complainant stated her daughter left the phone outside and when they returned, it was gone.

Officer responded to Sheppard Dr. in reference to a report of a theft of items. Complainant stated her landlord served her with a notice of eviction and gave her seven days to move, but did not give her seven days and placed her belongings out by the road. C/p then stated that when she went to the apartment, her neighbor told her that he got her belongings from the road. C/p stated that there were some missing items and her neighbor told her that everything he got form the road was together. C/p stated when she asked her neighbor about a speaker, he returned it to her and defended having taken it by saying it was all thrown out by the road and people were picking through it. Officer asked the neighbor about the speaker and he admitted had had it but that was all he had, and returned it to c/p when she asked about it.

January 11

Officer made contact with complainant on Gumlog Rd. in reference to a child custody dispute. C/p advised that he requested that law enforcement make offender allow him to see his two minor children. Officer advised c/p of his legal remedies after being advised that there is no court order.

Officer was dispatched to Longview Rd. in reference to a property dispute. Complainant stated offender’s children were walking on her property and being disrespectful when she told them to leave. Officer spoke with the children’s mother who reported her children were walking on the side of the road, edge of the grass, in order to go to the store.

Officers were dispatched to W. MLK in reference to complainant stated someone was in her home. Complainant was highly intoxicated and stated offender went in her residence with a key. C/p stated the screwdriver inside the residence was moved from where she left it behind her bedroom door. C/p stated offender stole her extra key the last time he was removed from the residence and he head not right to enter her apartment.

January 13

Officer was dispatched to W. Church St. in reference to a dog being loose and chasing someone. Offender stated he was unaware of his dog being loose. Officers have been sent to this location in the past for the same reason. It appears offender is building a fenced in spot for his dogs but has yet finished. Offender was told to keep his dogs on a leash or he will be written a citation if officers are dispatched there again.

Officer was dispatched to S. Main St. in reference to a shoplifting. Complainant stated offender was caught skip scanning and showed footage of offender putting clothes into bags without scanning them. Total amount of unscanned items was $65.00. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was dispatched to KT’s in reference to a group of kids who tried to steal a car and wrecked it into a pole. Officer observed the vehicle rammed against the poles and made contact with bystander who did not want to be in the report. Bystander stated he saw five to six males get in the car and run into the pole, then jumped out and ran towards Modoc Rd. Officer spoke with the owner of the vehicle who stated the same thing as the bystander. He then showed officer a toy gun that one of the offenders dropped. The owner advised officer that if you move his gear shifter down one time, it put it in first gear instead of reverse. C/p advised he believes the kids were trying to steal the car but didn’t know about the gear shifter.

Officer observed a vehicle with no headlights on and upon the vehicle approaching him, officer flashed his head lights. The vehicle did not turn on its lights so officer turned around and activated his emergency equipment. The vehicle then turned and ran a stop sign and officer advised 911 that the vehicle was not stopping. The vehicle then ran another stop sign. The driver had his hand in the air while looking at the officer out the driver side window, then ran another stop sign. At this point, backup arrived and the vehicle turned into a driveway and a gate was blocking the vehicle from going any further. The vehicle rammed the gate and made it swing open and drove onto the property. Officer gave loud verbal commands for the driver to turn the vehicle off and exit, and driver refused. Officers then opened the driver side door and forced the driver to the ground where he was placed under arrest. Upon running the drivers’ license, they are suspended. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

January 14

Officer observed a backseat passenger throw a cup out the window, at which time he ran the tag to find that the registered owner had an invalid license. Officer made a traffic stop and the driver/registered owner, stated his license are good and the backseat passenger agreed to pick the cup up. The driver handed officer his license and officer ran them again to find that they are suspended for implied consent notice. Officer went back to speak with the driver and advised him that his license is suspended and placed him under arrest. Driver was transported to EmCo Jail and booked for driving on suspended license 2nd offense.

Officer observed a vehicle stopped in the turning lane past the white line and was in the intersection, at which time officer initiated a traffic stop. Officer recognized the passenger who had an outstanding warrant and advised 911 to send a hit and they advised they wanted to place a hold. Driver was issued citations and passenger was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was dispatched to McMillan Dr. where complainant wanted to make a report of someone using his debit card. C/p stated someone that used to live with them stole his debit card and uploaded it onto his Cashapp account. C/p had already gotten in touch with the bank about the transactions.

Officer was dispatched to Maryann St. in reference to a hit and run.

Officer was dispatched to Oak St. in reference to a female calling 911 and stating her boyfriend’s sisters were going to fight her and she wanted to make a report.

Officer observed a vehicle with its high beams on and did not dim them, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer asked for the driver’s license and ran them and the registration to find that the registration was expired and had no insurance.

Officer was dispatched to S. Main St. in reference to a hit and run.

January 15

Complainant wanted to make a report about his bicycle being stolen.

Officer was dispatched to West ST. in reference to offender stating his moth would not take him back to FL. Offender’s mother stated offender threatened to kill her and that he had been off his medication for a while. Offender was told he needed to be evaluated and he agreed, and was transported to EMC ER.

Officer observed a vehicle parked on the side walk on New St., so he got out of his unit and walked up to the truck and did not see anyone inside or around the vehicle. A male subject walked up and asked what was wrong with the truck and he was advised that he couldn’t park on the side walk. Offender then asked what was wrong with it being there and was advised again that it could not be parked on the side walk. Offender then told officer to move out of his way so he could move. Officer asked offender for his license and he stated he didn’t have a license. Officer asked for offender’s info and stepped back to his unit and offender became angry and started cussing. Offender started walking away from the vehicle, then took of running. Offender was apprehended and had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his person, and thick and slurred speech. Offender stated he had a warrant and that’s why he ran. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

January 16

Officers were dispatched to Fowler St. in reference to a missing person. Complainant stated her son had been missing since Saturday morning and she sent him a text and he responded, but since then, she has gotten no response and he hasn’t been on social media. C/p stated it’s not like him not to respond to her or check in with her.

Officer responded to Lewis St. in reference to someone prowling around complainant’s windows and doors. No signs of anyone messing with the windows or doors were observed.

Officer responded to Watson St. in reference to caller saying she didn’t feel safe in her house due to her and her husband fussing.


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