SPD: 1-12-22


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

January 5

Officer was dispatched to Huddle House in reference to a female subject refusing to leave the property. Officer spoke with the store manager who stated he had just fired offender and she would not leave. Officer then spoke with offender who advised that she was going to leave as soon as she finished counting down the cash register. Once offender was finished the store manager advised that he wanted her trespassed from the property. Officer issued a criminal trespass warning and advised her that she was not allowed back on the property.

Officer was dispatched to Lucky St. in reference to individuals saying they were possibly shooting the residence up. Complainant explained that she was at a gas station when an unknown individual explained they were going to shoot her residence up. This will probably be retaliation for the shooting that took place on Williams St. prior, which involved her son.

Officer was dispatched to SPD in reference to a report where complainant stated he had his vehicle transported to FL from his residence and it was transported back and he discovered that the tag was missing.

Officer responded to a traffic stop on Jerome St. Officer was advised that the driver had a suspended driver license. Offender was arrested and transported to EmCo Jail for his third offense.

Officer was dispatched to Enmarket in reference to a male subject that has been given them problems in the past. Officer spoke with offender who stated he was issued a criminal trespass last year but it expired. Offender had recently been in the store stealing and by the time officers got there, he was gone. Complainant advised they wanted offender to be served another criminal trespass warning. Officer then spoke with offender and explained that Enmarket does not want him on the property and the he would be receiving a criminal trespass warning and he could not return to the property. Offender stated he understood and was sent on his way.

January 6

Officer observed a vehicle with a malfunctioning brake light, at which time she conducted a traffic stop, and recognized the vehicle from a traffic stop the night prior. The vehicle tag was run to find that the registration was suspended. Officer made contact with the driver, who was the same driver from the night prior, and was cited for driving while unlicensed and operating an unregistered vehicle. Officer confirmed that offender did not have a license and made an arrest and transported to EmCo Jail. Jail staff also found that offender had a child support warrant and a probation warrant.

January 7

Officer spotted a vehicle in the middle of the road on Pughsley St. with no lights on. The vehicle then pulled into a Pugsley St. address and officer made contact with offender and asked why he was parked in the middle of the road. Offender stated he was just dropping off the girl that was in the car with him. Officer asked for his license and 911 advised that the tag on the vehicle was expired. Officer ran offender’s license and it showed they are suspended for failure to appear. Offender stated he did not know his license are suspended and officer advised him why.

Officer ran the tag on a vehicle to find the driver has suspended license and no insurance, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Offender was placed under arrest for driving on suspended license and driving with no insurance.


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