SPD 09-22-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

September 8

Officers were dispatched in reference to an armed robbery. The complainant stated he went to meet a female for a date, upon arrival four men dressed in all black with masks on made him get on the ground. They took his phone, money and anything else they could get then ran down the street. At arrival, the men got out of a White Dodge Charger that was parked in front of the home. The complainant went to a nearby gas station and got directions on how to get back home. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a TPO violation with the offender’s car parked behind the complainant’s car. No interaction occurred on the scene. 

September 9

Officer ran the tag on a passing vehicle. It came back from the system that the vehicle had invalid insurance. The officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver stated she did have insurance and called the company, but they stated she did not have a current policy with them on the vehicle at the time of stop. The driver was able to get insurance through another company while on the traffic stop, but was. Issued a citation for no insurance. 

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driving 53 in a 35 MPH zone. Th driver told the officer she had an access on her back and had to leave work to change clothes. She was issued a citation for speeding and driving while license is suspended. She was able to call someone to pick up her vehicle to avoid towing charges. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a disturbance that was caused by an ex-employee. Offender Bega a verbal altercation with complainant and other employees, then allegedly scattered papers and other items throughout the office area of the location and left the scene. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a report about a damaged fence. The complainant stated that someone had knocked his fence and gate over. No cameras were around to capture the damage. 

September 10

Officers were dispatched in reference to a traffic stop where the driver was unlicensed. The officer asked if there were any weapons in the vehicle, the driver stated no. The officer walked around the car to speak to someone else in the vehicle and there was a semi auto refile in the driver rear side floor board. No one would claim the gun. The officer removed and secured the gun, ran the information for the gun and it came back stolen. The driver was arrested and transported to jail as well as the passenger. 

Officer conducted a traffic stop because they entered a road that was being worked on that was clearly marked with a Road Closed Sign as well as plenty of traffic cones. The driver’s license came back suspended. He was taken to jail for finger printing, but released with a citation due to COVID-19. The vehicle was towed. 

September 11

Officer conducted a traffic stop and informed the driver why they were pulled over. The officer immediately smelt a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver. The officer asked the driver how much he had to drink, and he did not answer at first. After the officer asked him again, he stated probably more than he should have. He blew positive at 0.20 Grams. He was then handcuffed and placed under arrest. He was unsteady on his feel and his eyes were red, watery and sleepy looking. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a dispute over property. The complainant stated that he had to go to the hospital last night and when he returned the offender had gone through his suitcase. 

September 12

Officer conducted a traffic stop and asked the driver for their license. The officer explained why he was stopped, but the license was suspended for the driver. He was asked to contact someone to get the vehicle to avoid towing. He was transported to the jail and fingerprinted. He was given a citation for his suspended license along with his super speeder ticket. 

Officers received a phone call from a female asking if any keys had been turned in. She stated they are on a chetah print wrist loop with an “E” on it. The officer searched the parking lot that the female thought they may be in, but had no luck.

September 14

Officers were dispatched in reference to people in the yard about to fight. There were no active altercations, but the conversations were turning into a confrontation causing the situation to escalate. 

September 15

Officers were dispatched in reference to harassing phone calls. Offender has been calling and cussing her out since yesterday, victim stated that this started due to victim not giving offender any money. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to damage to a vehicle. The complainant stated that his vehicle had been covered in eggs and ranch. He was asked if there were any students that were at the residence because of Homecoming week, he stated there were not. He told the officers he knew who did it and there was a snap chat post of them doing the damage to his vehicle.

September 16

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle because the description matched a vehicle that was called in that refused to leave. The driver stated that was not him. The passenger smelled of marijuana and was asked to get out. The officer detained him and got the driver out as well to question. Both stated they didn’t know anything about any marijuana. The male in the back seat stated the same thing. Backup was called and the car was then searched. The officer found a green leafy substance that Is believed to be marijuana and a cigar packet in the middle console. They were given a citation and released back to their vehicle due to the COVID-19 protocols at the jail. The marijuana was bagged for evidence. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to being egged. The homeowner stated she heard something hit her house, went outside to check and saw a group of people running down the road and driving off in a 4-door truck. No damage done to the house.

Officer noticed a vehicle driving with their head light out and conducted a traffic stop. The driver stated he was taking his son to the ER. His wife came walking up in her work uniform with a valid license. The couple was sent on to the ER where the male was cited and released. Warning for the head light out and issued three seat belt citations and one driving while license suspended citation. 

September 17

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that had lights in the back of the window resembling law enforcement. The officer asked him if he was a law enforcement officer and he stated, no sir and informed the officer that it was a show car. The officer stated he smelled marijuana, the driver stated there was none and he could search the vehicle. The officer asked the male to step out and let him search the vehicle. The officer found a plastic bag containing a suspected marijuana joint in the middle console as well as two scales that are commonly use to weigh illegal drugs. The officer asked the male if there were any more drugs in the vehicle and the male told him yes, there were some under the driver seat. The officer retrieved them and then looked inside of the book bag that was in the back seat finding stacks of $100 bills. He was handcuffed and detained at the moment. The money was prop money and all of the controllers, vest, and lights found in the back of the vehicle were props as well. The officer informed the Chief, charged the male and released him on citations. 


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