SPD 09-15-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

August 31

Officers were dispatched in reference to the complainant being bitten by a dog. 

September 1

An Officer was patrolling the streets when he got behind a vehicle and ran their information in the system and it came back unknown for insurance. The officer conducted a traffic stop, the driver stated he does not have a license. He stated he had insurance on the vehicle, but was unable to show any proof. The male was arrested for driving with no license. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to the complainant stating that she left her vehicle at a local car dealership over night to have repairs done, but when she went to pick it up, she noticed her tag was bent and the sticker was missing. She stated thats where the dealership told her to park. They did not have any surveillance cameras in that area. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to two males acting suspicious. The officer walked up to the two males and asked them for the ID. One of the men told the officer his name, stood up and looked for his ID and was unbalanced. The officer asked him if he had taken any kind of medicine or illegal drugs due to the way he was acting. He stated he had not. He stated he found an ID, but it wasn’t his. The officer asked him why he had someone else ID and didn’t call the law to return it. The male subject stated he just found it by a store. The officer told him he needed his ID and he turned to run behind a convenient store, but saw another officer and did not run. He walked towards the other officer and asked him, “You alright over there?” The first officer stated that he was fine, at this time, the male put his hand in his pocket and was acting very suspicious. The officer told him to remove his hand from his pocket and he refused. The officer informed him that they were about to check him for any weapons. The male stated that they were not going to check his pockets, in a vulgar tone, cursing at the officer. The officer attempted to cuff him as he was constantly cursing at the officers and resisting arrest then spit in an officer’s face. He was arrested and the officers found a pipe in his pocket, usually used for paraphernalia. He kept trying to pull away from officers, kicking and cursing at them with threats. The other male subject was frisked for weapons, none were found. He was run in the system and came back with no warrants and was released. The male who was arrested was transported to the jail. 

September 2

Officers were dispatched in reference to a possible domestic in progress. The person who called heard it from outside of the apartment and stated that the apartment was being destroyed and there have been calls for the same thing before. The officer spoke with them both and the male stated that nothing was physical, but she was on drugs bad and needed help and that’s the reason he puts up with her. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to make a report on a male who keeps jumping his fence. The home owner has put up “No Trespassing” signs, but the male still continues to do so. Report is just in case something goes missing. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a dispute. The complainant stated she has legal custody of the offender’s child. The complainant reported that the offender came to her house unannounced and demanded to see the child. She stated that he became very angry and began to “show out” and made the statement that he was going to punch her, then left the scene. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a female who stated she believes she struck a dog with her vehicle, but when she tried to locate the animal it ran off. She had functional damage to the passenger side front of her vehicle. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a vehicle chase asking deputies to assist. An officer deployed the spike strips before the vehicle reached the bypass. Other officers were secured at the bypass. The officer was notified that the driver was heading in his direction at 116 MPH. The offender’s vehicle had a positive hit on the spike strips with the right side and back tires. The offender was still on the go, but his tires were low and coming off the rim, slowing him down to about 15 MPH. The officers performed a rolling road block and kept the vehicle boxed in. Once stopped, the officers commanded for the female to exit the vehicle and she refused. The female kept reaching to the right of her. Officers busted out her back window and removed the female from the car and placed her under arrest. 

September 3

Officers were dispatched in reference to a male receiving threats from his ex-wife. He showed the officer the messages on his phone of the couple arguing over who gave the other Herpes. Nothing further at this time. 

Officers were behind a vehicle and ran their information, coming back with unknown insurance and cancelled registration. The officer conducted a traffic stop when it was safe to do so. The male was told why he was stopped and he stated that he just sent a payment in to his insurance company. He was asked for proof, but was unable to provide any. The officer got the males ID and returned to his patrol car to run him through the system. It came back that he had a suspended license due to child support obligations, with no serve date and no wants. The officer attempted to contact the insurance company, but had no luck. The officer returned to the male’s vehicle and informed him that his license was suspended and he need to call someone to come pick him up because the car was going to be towed due to no insurance. He was served with an official license suspension and issued a citation for no insurance. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to an entering auto. Complainant stated that the right door of her vehicle will not lock and she observed that the hood and the right door were partially opened and the only thing missing was the battery. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a woman making a report of her vehicle being damaged while at a local store. When the female was done shopping and returned to her vehicle outside, she noticed a red scratch on the driver side rear quarter panel. She stated there was a red Jeep parked beside her when she parked, but she did not get the license plate number. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to disorderly conduct. The complainant reported that the offender was kicking her door trying to get inside of the residence. The complainant reported that they were involved in a verbal altercation prior to this incident. The complainant stated that the offender left the scene on foot prior to the arrival of responding officers. They were advised of the TPO process. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a report made on a verbal dispute. 

September 4

Officers were dispatched in reference to a male entering an abandon house. The complainant stated they saw a man walking through his neighbor’s property back to the residence. He advised that he contacted the owner and the owner stated no one was supposed to be inside of or at the residence. Officers cleared the residence and no one was found. 

Officer was patrolling the area when a vehicle appeared to be going 51 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. The officer conducted a traffic stop, the driver did not have his license on him and told the officer he wasn’t sure if his license was good or not. The officer noticed there was a juvenile in the backseat with a bloody rag to his right eye. He showed that he had a cut over his eye. The driver stated it happened at the park and they were on the way to Metter to the hospital where the child’s mother was. The officer informed the driver that his license was suspended for failure to appear and he was given a citation for the suspended license and a warning for speeding because of the circumstances. The owner of the vehicle, whom of which was in the passenger seat, was told she would have to drive. The driver was released with a citation due to the injury on the juvenile’s head and being enroute to the hospital. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to an individual at the rest home causing a disturbance and attempting to hit other individuals. The complainant stated that the male had been drinking alcohol on top of his medication, but was not sure how he got the alcohol because it is not allowed on the property. The female stated that the man was in his room and got mad about someone smoking, but he had been the one smoking and that he took a lighter and attempted to light a blanket on fire. During this incident, he got angry and attempted to hit her. He turned his anger to another male and pushed him, then attempted to hit another female during his loss of composure. The officers tried to speak with the male, but he was not able to give much inside due to the level of intoxication. He kept telling the officers he could go to his brother’s house, but they would have to give him a ride there. The officer spoke with both of the people who the male had altercations with and neither of them wished to press charges due to his medical conditions. The female stated he could stay, but could not be showing out. The officer spoke with him about his decisions and what all he could be charged with due to his loss of composure. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to the complainant making a report of money that was taken from his wallet. He believes his wallet fell from his pocket and was later found on the backside of the property. He had many things in his wallet that were missing once the wallet was retrieved. 

Officer ran a tag on a vehicle and it came back that the registration was expired and there was no valid insurance. The driver stated that he had a suspended license and provided another state license for identification purposes. The officer asked the male why he had not gotten his license reinstated and the driver stated that he has tried to multiple times but was unsuccessful due to Covid. He was able to pull up his insurance to show the officer, but was still given a citation due to a suspended license. Due to Covid, he was released but given his citation and a court date. His brother came and picked him up, taking possession of the vehicle. 

Officers ran a tag on a passing vehicle and the information came back expired registration and no valid insurance. The officer conducted a traffic stop and gathered the driver’s information and ran it though the system. The male was wanted in Toombs County for probation violation. Toombs County advised not to place a hold on the subject due to Covid-19. He was issued citations for operation of unregistered vehicle, no insurance and no license. The vehicle was towed. 

September 5

Officer heard appx. 10-15 gunshots coming from Williams St/North Coleman St. area. Patrol units checked the area ad had negative contact and there were no calls to 911 about shots fired.

Officer responded to W. Moring St. apartments in reference to a dispute between neighbors. Complainant advised that her neighbor was harassing and threatening her after accusing her of damaging a basketball goal that is placed in the parking lot of the complex. While speaking with c/p, offender exited from her apartment with her cellphone in hand advising officer that the landlord was on the line to listen to everything. Officer retrieved drive3rs license from both parties for report purposes and while attempting to gather information for the report, c/p and offender began yelling back and forth at each other in the parking lot and would not stop arguing with each other, even though advised to do so by officers on scene. Officer separated both parties and returned c/p’s license and retrieved the rest of the info that she wanted to report. C/p advised that offender is constantly harassing her and everyone that resides in the apartment and threatened to jump on her. Officer then returned offender’s li cense and attempt3ed to retrieve the rest of the info and she advised that c/p was making false allegations about her and spreading rumors about her and wants police to make her stop. Offender advised that c/p does not like her because of the color of her skin and advised that the basketball goal belongs to her son and it got damaged and appeared as though it may have been run over and when offender asked c/p about it, she allegedly began arguing with offender. Both parties were advised of legal remedies and were also advised of the city ordinance known as disorderly house due to the number of calls and the nature of the calls between the two. Both parties were advised that if they are unable to get along, then to not have any contact with one another.

Officer met with complainant at SPD in reference to threats that were made to her handicap son. C/p stated when she left the SPD from making a juvenile complaint against her juvenile granddaughter, the juvenile told her than an unknown male companion of a female who picked her up when she was walking, threatened c/p’s son in the parking lot of Mike’s. C/p stated when she got home, she asked her son about it and he stated an unknown male threatened to beat him up when he said something to the juvenile. Officer then asked the juvenile about the incident and he stated that the offender walked up to victim and threatened to beat him up if he ever put his hands on the juvenile and offender told victi8 that he would shoot him and his whole family and that if he couldn’t have the juvenile, nobody could. Offender also told juvenile that if she said anything, he would shoot her so she was scared to tell anyone. Officer asked c/p if he could speak with victim but he had taken his medicine which makes him drowsy so officer advised c/p that an investigator may want to speak with him later. Officer called investigator and advised her of the situation.

September 6

Officer responded to Lewis St. in reference to a prowler. Upon arrival, complainant stated offender had been outside her window asking to come in and she refused to let him in, and he buste3d the window on the back of her apartment. The window was bust3ed and the scre3en was pushed through into the blinds. C/p was asked if she had a place to stay for the evening or knew someone who could patcher her window to secure it and she informed him that she would stay in the residence in her bedroom because she wasn’t leaving.

Officer observed a driver not wearing a seatbelt and initiated a traffic stop. Offender advised officer that he didn’t have his license on him and gave his name and DOB. Offender’s info was run through GCIC and came back suspended for child support obligations with a suspension date. Officer advised offender of the findings and he advised that he paid all of his child support and the reinstatement a long time ago but did not know his license were suspended.

Officer responded to Gumlog Rd. in reference to called stating someone busted the window out of her apartment. Contact was made with complainant and glass shivers were observed all over her shirt and arms. Officer advised c/p that he felt like she knew more than she was stating and she asked why would he say that. Officer stated because she was close enough to the window when it was busted that she was covered with glass shavings. C/p then stated that offender busted the window while she was standing in the kitchen and he was there to get his child.

Offender approached officers in the parking lot of SPD and stated he needed to confess that he started the fire on N. Main St. a few days ago. Officer activated his body camera and asked offender what he said and offender repeated it and felt bad for not confessing. Offender was told not to say anything else and officer called the Fire Dept. and spoke with Battalion Chief, who went to the SPD. He spoke with offender who again confessed to starting the fire and was placed under arrest for arson.

Officer responded to D&I in reference to an armed robbery that happened on King Circle Dr. Victim stated he had been texting a girl that he met on Tinder and went to meet her at the address given and when he arrived, 4 males wearing masks came from the woods with a black handgun and forced him to the ground and held the gun to his temple and leg. The males began searching victim’s pockets and took his iPhone XR, his keys, and his black wallet containing cash, a Navy Federal debit card, his license, and his social security card. The males then ran from the scene in an unknown direction and the victim left and went to D&I. Victim stated that while he was in the store, the possible offender showed up at the store and took off running south towards Green St. when they saw him. Patrol units canvased the area but did not locate anyone. Victim did not have any injuries and denied needing EMS. Officer was dispatched to Center St. where complainant stated his sister went to the residence asking his mother for money and he asked her why she was there asking for money and she got upset and started hitting him and trying to grab him. C/p stated offender scratched him in his face and he then grabbed her to get her off of him. C/p also stated offender then pulled a gun on him inside the residence and he was able to get in the bathroom and call 911.

September 7

Officer had an abandoned vehicle towed due to not having insurance and cancelled registration. Officer tried several numbers to make contact with the listed owner but had negative contact.

Officers were dispatched to S. Racetrack St. in reference to someone hitting a utility trailer that was in the roadway. Officer noticed a utility trailer hooked to the back of offender’s truck sticking out in the roadway and made contact with complainant who stated he struck offender’s trailer, which was in the roadway. Officer then spoke with offender who stated he could not pull any further due to a car that was parked in the driveway and he was trying to get out of the roadway.

Officer was dispatched to SP
D and spoke with complainant who stated he has been having problems with his next door neighbor’s dogs going onto his property.

Officer was patrolling in the school zone when he observed a vehicle running 50 MPH, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer made contact with the driver who stated he did not have his license on him but gave his name and DOB. Upon running his info through GCIC, it was found that offender was wanted by pardons and parole. Officer then notified other units for backup due to offender moving around a lot in his vehicle and had a charge of obstruction on officers. Once other units arrived, offender was detained without incident and explained why he was being detained. Upon arriving at the jail, offender had one hand balled up and was told to open his hand, and he had two white rock substances in his hand that he placed on the counter.

Officer observed a vehicle with a broken tail light and initiated a traffic stop to find offender did not have a valid license.

Complainant went to SPD to make a report on stolen medication and provided a list. She stated two familiar males were at her house on W. Church St. helping her move and when they left she noticed her purse was missing and her medication was in her purse.

September 8

Officer observed a vehicle windshield spiderwebbed and broken and ran the tag to find the vehicle had no insurance and suspended registration. Upon making contact with the driver, she was informed of why she was stopped and stated she had gotten insurance the day prior. Officer then stated he had knowledge of her using heroin and overdosing on heroin and being charged with possession of drug related objects and asked for permission to search the vehicle and her purse and she gave consent. Inside her purse was a plastic box that contained several drug related objects and a clear plastic bag with possible residue of a controlled substance in it. Offender was asked if there were any drugs in the vehicle and she stated no but she might have some on her and stated where it was. Officer retrieved a plastic container that looked like an old camera film container that contained heroin with fentanyl, meth, and marijuana in it. Two passengers were in the vehicle and one stated he had a pipe in his pocket that contained a crystal-like substance. He had lacerations to his hand and a busted lip and EMS was called to check him out. Officer then searched the vehicle and found suspected marijuana blunt in the driver side floorboard. One passenger had a misdemeanor warrant but wasn’t wanted due to Covid protocol. Offender was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

Officers responded to a suspicious vehicle parked in the woods on Modoc Rd. Before officer could make an approach on the vehicle, a vehicle arrived at the scene and a male subject exited his vehicle and stated it looked like his mother’s car. Officer advised the male subject to stay back while he cleared the vehicle. There was no one inside the vehicle and officer attempted to open the driver’s door and it was locked, at which time he returned to speak with the son of the owner of the vehicle. While speaking with the son, it was determined that the last known contact with the victim was around 9:00 am and he went on to state that his mother would never drive her vehicle into the3 woods and that the only reason she would be on that side of town was to dcolle3ct rent from a known address. At this point, officer requested backup to the scene. After assessing the area where the vehicle was located, officers then went to the known residence that victim was going. Officer knocked on the door and a male answered and stepped outside. Officer advised offender that he had some questions about a missing person and that his residence was the last known place she had been. Offender was asked what time victim was at his residence and he stated she was there around 10:30 am and stayed for about 5 minutes. Officer advised offender that it was his understanding that the victim was there to serve eviction papers and he informed officer that she was there to pick up rent. Offender advised that victim never left her vehicle and that there was no one with her. Officer told offender that investigators would probably want to speak with him as he could be a suspect, then left the residence and returned to the location of the vehicle. The victim’s son sped to the scene and jumped out of his vehicle and began yelling that he found his mama, and jumped back in his vehicle and began to speed back to the residence. Officer got in his unit and began to follow him. Upon stopping, officer could see appx. 10 people in the yard and once he exited, he could hear screaming and pointing towards the carport attached to the house. When officer began to move towards the carport, the victim’s son got into an altercation with a female in the yard, later identified as offender’s wife. Officer announced to offender to come out of the laundry room several times and refused so he made entry and offender was sitting on a bucket against a wall. He was placed in handcuffs and placed in the back seat of the patrol unit. When asked where the body was, he stated he did not know. Officer closed the door of the unit and was advised by another officer to follow him. They walked towards the residence at which point a body was seen at the base of the steps wrapped in bedding.

Officer was dispatched to Alice Circle in reference to a solen property report.

Female subject went to SPD very upset and crying and stated her ex-boyfriend was hanging around her residence and when she went to leave, he jumped in her vehicle and refused to get out. Complainant stated she played it off as she was going to her sister’s ho use and drove around for a minute and when she pulled into the SPD parking lot, offender jumped out with her iPhone XR and ran on foot towards N. Green St.


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