SPD 09-01-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

August 20

Officer responded to the area of N. Main St. between MLK and the ice machine in reference to a female subject that appeared to be trying to run over a male subject who was on foot. While enroute, the described vehicle passed officer traveling the opposite direction, at which time officer turned around and got behind the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. Officer exited the patrol unit and made contact with the driver who was visibly upset. Officer asked if she was okay and she explained that she was not okay and pointed at her front passenger side window stating “look what he did. He did this.” Officer then asked who “he” was and what relation he was to her. Complainant gave officer offender’s name and explained that he was her ex-boyfriend and that a verbal altercation took place while driving down the road and led to the offender attempting to jump out of the moving vehicle. When offender was unable to get out of the moving vehicle, c/p pulled into the ice machine area and offender broke the front passenger window with a closed fist and exited the vehicle. C/p stated she then drove off from the location and that’s when officer got behind her. C/p stated offender hit her in the face with a closed fist before exiting the vehicle but officer did not observe any visible injuries on the facial area. C/p advised officer where offender currently lives.

Officer radioed 911 about a vehicle being in the roadway. The vehicle was locked, unoccupied, and abandoned in the roadway on Empire Expressway. 911 notified the next listed wrecker service to remove the vehicle from the scene.

Officer responded to Lewis St. in reference to a report of threats. Upon arrival, officer spoke with complainant who stated his son went to his apartment and threatened to beat him if he saw him across town. Officer asked c/p why his son would threaten him and he stated he did not know, that the threats were completely unprovoked. C/p further stated offender went to his apartment three times in the past month and threatened him. Officers made contact with offender on Williams St. about the altercation and he stated that he did not make any threats towards c/p but that he did cuss him out because he was telling offender’s girlfriend things trying to break them up.

August 21

Officer noticed offender was operating a vehicle without his seatbelt on and conducted a traffic stop. When making contact with offender, he stated he did not have his license on him but he would give his info. Once running the info through GCIC, it was found the offender’s license expired in January and he had active warrants out of ECSO and Twiggs Co. Officer had 911 verify the info and co9nfirmed that ECOS did want him. Officer then made contact with offender and he stated he knew he had active warrants.

Officers were dispatched to Pratt Ave. for a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, contact was made with complainant who stated she contacted her ex-husband’s mother about getting some shorts for their son and she told her that she didn’t’ need to go to her house. C/p state3d she called the child’s father and stated she was going to take him by to change clothes and when she got there, her son exited the vehicle and went inside to change his clothes and when she approached the door, offender’s mother called her phone and slammed the door in her face. C/p stated at some point, the altercation became physical and offender shoved her and put his hands on her. After speaking with the child, he stated his dad put his hands on his mother and he intervened. He also stated offender yelled at him and put him in the house where he started talking to him. Officer knocked on the door and spoke with offender who stated he was at his house when c/p showed up cussing and bringing the drama. He stated he was fine with his son going to get what he needed but c/p did not have any business getting out of her car with all her drama. Offender denied ever being physical and stated he wants c/p to stop showing up at his house whenever she feels like it. He stated she went and got the boys, took them to eat, returned one and left with the other one, and showed back up later cussing and fussing.

Officer was dispatched to Hardee’s in reference to a report about an incident that happened at Easy Stop involving video gambling machines. Complainant stated she was supposed to go by the store at noon so someone could pull the video from the security system and when she went by, the woman that was going to pull the footage had already left and was not able to go back to the store. C/p stated she was playing a video gambling machine and she won $150 and when she tried to cash out, the cashier told her to hold on and walked to the back. C/p stated when the cashier returned, he handed her a phone and said the store manager/owner wanted to speak to her. C/p stated she was told that she owed the store money because she was mistakenly given someone else’s winnings of $265 a few months back so he was not going to pay her the $150 she won. Officer advised c/p that he would do a report for her but it was a civil matter and she would have to get a copy and speak with Magistrate Court. Officer then went to East Stop and spoke with offender who stated his boss called the store when he saw kids running around the store on the security footage. Offender stated he told the owner that the children were with c/p. Offender stated c/p tried to cash out her winnings but the owner told him not to pay her because she owed the store money and then the owner asked to speak with c/p. Offender stated that c/p left the store and he was told c/p was not allowed back in the store.

Officer were dispatched to McMillan Dr. in reference to stolen prescription pills. Upon arrival, officer spoke with complainant who stated offender went into his bedroom and found c/p’s prescription pills. C/p stated offender is related to him and was staying with because he had nowhere to stay and when he went to take his meds, he noticed he had pills missing. C/p also stated he has cameras in his house and when he viewed the footage, he saw where offender went in his bedroom and started looking for the pills and when he found them, he helped himself to them. Upon viewing the video footage, offender was seen entering the bedroom, looking around for something, and finds the pills in a nightstand. Offender opened both bottles and poured pills in his hands and put the bottles back. C/p advised that he confronted offender and was able to get three of the pills back and then kicked him out of the house. C/p stated offender may have went to a Huckleberry Rd. address to stay with a friend.

August 22

Officer observed a vehicle that had been called in previously as a reckless driver in the county. Officer followed the vehicle and observed it to have dark tinted windows and fail to maintain lane several times, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. When officer approached the vehicle, he checked the window tint which registered at 11% and observed the driver sweating profusely and seemed to be very jittery, which led him to believe the driver was under the influence of an illegal substance. Driver stated he did not have his license on him and officer recognized offender as being the registered owner of the vehicle. Offender was asked to step out of the vehicle and asked for consent to search for illegal narcotics, at which time he gave consent. Upon searching the vehicle, a small tin can was found with suspected meth residue inside it, which field tested positive for meth. Offender was placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI of drugs and possession of meth.

Officer observed a vehicle approach the stop sign and had a brake light out, and recognized the driver as having suspended license. Officer called other units and advised he was going to stop the vehicle and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. Offender accelerated and attempted to flee, then stopped and fled on foot. Officer cleared the abandoned vehicle and made contact with the head resident who stated he did not enter the residence and he had no clue whose vehicle it was or why it was parked in his driveway. A cell phone was in the passenger seat ringing, at which time officer answered and identified himself and a lady identified herself kept asking where offender was. Via texts in the phone, offender has been avoiding a location due to law being in the area for about half an hour before contact was made with him. Vehicle was towed.

Officer was dispatched to Hwy 56 N. where complainant stated offender trashed her home. C/p stated offender stays at her house on the weekends and he woke up trying to argue with her and she went to her aunt’s house and when she got back to her house, it was trashed. C/p walked officer through her house to show him the damage and the sofa was turned over, as well as the refrigerator, and everything was thrown all over the floor. C/p also stated she could not find her wallet.

Officer responded to Durden Dr. in reference to a dispute. Upon arrival, officer met with complainant who advised offender was packing his belongings to leave the residence and a verbal dispute took place over what he was and was not going to take. Offender advised he left the residence and went back to get a house key and the verbal altercation began. Offender also advised he was leaving the residence for the evening to cool off before returning so he and his wife could talk.

August 23

Officer was dispatched to Sweat’s Package where complainant stated subject went in to make a purchase using a fake $10. Victim told c/p that he had just got the $10 from an unknown male who gave it to him for two $5’s. Victim was still at the store and advised officer of the same thing.

Officer observed a vehicle with a non-working tag light, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Offender stated he had a beer earlier and was going home. Offender willingly performed a PBT ad tested positive for DUI. Offender’s eyes were very sleepy looking and bloodshot red. His speech was slow with a strong odor of alcohol, and he was slightly unsteady.

Officer was dispatched to College St. where complainant stated when he got home from work, he received what he believes to be a fraudulent check. The check was turned over to SPD along with the envelope and letter it came with.

Officer took a walk-in report where complainant stated she has been receiving harassing calls and texts from multiple unknown numbers, but every message is about her child’s father. She stated this has been going on for over a year. C/p let officer read the messages and they were indeed harassing, as well as disrespectful.

Officer was informed that a Det. From Fulton Co. SO had info on a subject that was wanted for kidnapping and theft of auto. Officer spoke with Det. and was informed that offender had a warrant for kidnapping of his 3-year-old daughter and for stealing a vehicle that belongs to the mother of the child. Det. advised of the tag number and it came back belonging to a female subject. Det. advised they were able to track offender’s location on William Rountree St. Officers went to the location and discovered the vehicle was not at the residence. Officer had staff at the SPD contact the Det. and see if they had another location and was informed that offender was at a residence at the corner of Rentz St. and William Rountree. Officers arrived and observed the vehicle in the yard with the matching tag number. Officer advised that the side door of the residence opened then closed and officer got on his speaker and started giving verbal commands for offender to come out. This went on for several minutes and offender would not cooperate. Chief arrived on scene and started giving commands to exit the residence and offender still refused. While on scene, a female subject/sister of offender arrived and was able to get offender to come out. Once offender was outside, he was given commands to get on the ground, which he did. The 3-year-old was located inside the residence with no injuries. Officer spoke with Det. and advised that offender was taken into custody and the child was safe. Det. advised that the mother of the child was on the way to pick it up.

August 23

Officers were dispatched in reference to camera footage of a male subject in someone’s backyard without permission. 

August 24

Officers were dispatched in reference to stolen property. They stated that there were two batteries removed from the vans parked in the rear of the building. Cameras will be observed. 

August 25

Officers were dispatched in reference to an unwanted employee at the location who had recently been terminated and was refusing to leave the location. He allegedly hit a supervisor in the face with a closed fist. 

Officers conducted a traffic stop due to an unregistered vehicle. The driver failed to stop multiple times in open areas. When the driver finally pulled over, the officer exited his vehicle, unable to see the driver’s hands, he cautiously got to the woman and handcuffed her as he got her out of the vehicle. She made many rude comments about the officer and refused to give any information. The female’s grandmother identified her and also stated she was the owner if the car. She was transported to jail. 


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