SPD 08-25-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

August 13

Complainant went into the SPD to make a report on a lost/stolen cell phone.

Officer was dispatched to Sweat’s Package in reference to a male paying with a counterfeit $20 that was notices after the male subject left. The following day the same male subject bought something else with another counterfeit $20 and the owner asked offender if he knew they were fake and he stated he did not, that he got them from a guy he sold some shoes to on Williams St. Owner told offender to wait there while he called the police to investigate, at which time offender drove off.

Officer was dispatched to Electric Rd. in reference to complainant stating her ex-boyfriend showed up at her place of work and was sitting on the back of her truck in the parking lot. C/p stated another employee advised her that he was not allowed to be in the parking lot due to it being private property, and advised that this is not the first time offender has tried to harass her, but this is the first time he went to her job. Officer then spoke to victim who stated that offender started walking towards him in the front of the business with a long stick-like object saying he was going to cut him. Officer was advised that offender left the scene.

Officer observed a vehicle with no headlights or taillights on, at which time he conducted a traffic stop. Upon making contact with offender, he stated he did not have his license on him. Officer told offender he could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle and the passenger stated she had just smoked some earlier at her house. Back-up officer arrived and the vehicle tag was ran to find it had cancelled registration and no insurance. Officer then ran the driver who identified himself and his license came back suspended for failure to appear. Offender was asked to step out of the vehicle and placed under arrest.

Officer observed a vehicle with an inoperable headlight, at which time she initiated a traffic stop. When asked for offender’s license, he stated he did not have a license. Officer then walked back to her patrol unit where she was advised that the tag on the vehicle belongs on a different vehicle, who was the passenger in the vehicle. Officer then ran offender’s info through GCIC to find his license were suspended for many failure to appears and he had active warrants through FL. Officer then asked 911 to verify the information and warrant was for pick-up only. Offender was asked about the tag and she was advised that the vehicle was just purchased within the last week but no bill of sale was produced, and stated the tag was put on the vehicle because the other vehicle is currently inoperable. Officer ran the vehicle through 911 in order to identify the vehicle and the Vin came back with cancelled registration and valid insurance to a subject out of Augusta. Officer then asked offender to step out of the vehicle and he was placed under arrest.

Officer was dispatched to Warren Ave. in reference to complainant’s brother damaging his PS4 by spraying water through a window of a house. Officer then spoke with offender who stated he was outside washing off his truck when he accidentally got water on his brother’s vehicle and that’s when his brother got upset and told him not to get water on his vehicle. Offender stated he apologized to his brother about it and stated that he did spray water into the window just playing around and didn’t realize3 he got his brother’s PS4 wet, but would get him another PS4.

August 14

Officer responded to S. Racetrack St. in reference to five gunshots being heard. On arrival, officer did not notice anything peculiar, and spoke with a group of males who advised they heard the same gunshots in the area of S. Racetrack. 911 advised that complainant called and stated it was right in front of her residence on Racetrack St. Officers walked the area and located one shell casing. While walking he area, officer asked a man if he heard anything and he stated he heard shots close by but did not know how many. No injuries were reported and patrol units did not observe any property damage.

Officer was behind a vehicle on Lambs Bridge Rd. and the vehicle failed to maintain its lane of travel several times over the left and right lanes. The vehicle in front of the vehicle had its blinker on and was attempting to make a left turn when the vehicle got very close to the turning vehicle, then went over the right lane again, almost going off the roadway. Officer then initiated a traffic stop and advised the reason for the stop, then asked for the driver’s license. Officer advised that she smelled a strong odor of marijuana in the vehicle. The was a passenger in the front seat and backseat, as well as a baby in a car seat in the back seat. Offender stated she smoked before driving the vehicle and another officer was called to perform a field sobriety, which showed several positive indicators of DUI/marijuana.

Officer was dispatched to Lincoln St. in reference to a fight in progress. Complainant advised offender was inside the house and when officers went inside, offender was directed to exit the bedroom, but began to refuse. Once offender was finally outside, he continued to cause problems and be loud and use foul language, at which point he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Officer was dispatched to Dollar General in reference to a male subject harassing customers and smelled intoxicated. Upon arrival, officer observed the subject outside who appeared to have a hard time standing up. Officer spoke with him an asked if he had an ID, at which time he gave it to the officer. Officer could smell alcohol beverage coming from subject’s person, and advised he had a lot to drink. It was discovered that offender had a warrant through Lowndes Co. 911 advised that Lowndes Co. did want to place a hold on him.

Officer was dispatched to Bucklen Dr. and spoke with complainant who stated offender has made threats to stab everyone in the house, and that he constantly keeps arguing and threatening and mistreating his sick and elderly father. Offender recently moved back in with c/p and his father who are both elderly, and they are fed up with offender and his behavior. C/p wants offender criminally trespassed from his property.

Officer was behind a vehicle and ran the tag to find the owner had an invalid license. The vehicle turned and officer verified that the picture on the GCIC matched the driver, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer made contact with driver who identified himself as the owner of the vehicle. Officer then told him that the tag came back with an invalid license and he state3d something went on back in August and he got stopped but he thought it was all cleared up. Officer had 911 run the OLN and it came back as suspended for failure to appear. Passenger identified himself and it was determined that he had two warrants. He then advised that he is a convicted felon. He was searched and a clear plastic bag containing marijuana was found.

Officer responded to Sunset Inn in reference to terroristic threats. Upon arrival, officer met with victim who stated she was hollering for her co-worker when a male asked why she was yelling, and she responded with an attitude, and the male subject threatened her. Offender was gone before officer arrived.

Patrol units responded to W. Moring St. in reference to a dispute. On arrival, officers met with both parties/brothers, who stated they had been in a verbal altercation prior to officer’s arrival and were arguing over family related things. No markings from possible fighting were observed on either person, and they agreed to separate to cool off. Complainant was the subjects’ mother who was not on scene.

Officer was dispatched to McMillan Dr. in reference to a dog at large. Complainant stated when she walks or her son rides his bike, one of the dogs chases after them. Officer spoke with the owner of the dogs and she advised that she couldn’t keep the dogs on a leash and that they haven’t been vaccinated.

August 15

Complainant reported she backed into her residence on Stevens Dr. causing damage to her vehicle.

Officer responded to Waffle King in reference to a Dine and Dash. While responding, 911 advised that the subjects were in a vehicle trying to leave but employees were blocking them from leaving. Upon arrival, officer saw c/p standing in front of the vehicle speaking with offenders, then stated to officer that two individuals went to Waffler King and asked if they would take a check. When they were told no, they stated it was ok because they had cash. They then ordered $27.63 worth of food and after they finished, they left the restaurant and tried to pull off. Offender stated he was trying to leave to go cash a check to pay for his food. Offender then admitted to being told they didn’t take checks and stated that other offender has a condition and needed to eat. Other offender also admitted to knowing they didn’t take checks. Offender was arrested for theft of services and the other offender was released to his mother due to being a juvenile.

Officer responded to EMC in reference to victim being struck by a vehicle. ER staff advised that a female dropped victim off and gave the tag number and description of the truck that struck victim in the roadway then fled the scene. Victim was severely intoxicated and stated a car ran him over on purpose because he would not be with her, and that his ex-girlfriend was driving. Officer ran the tag number provided by ER staff that dropped victim off and it came back to a N. Racetrack St. address. Officer later responded to the address and found a vehicle displaying the same tag number. Officer then made contact with the registered owner who stated she was riding by and saw victim laying in the road and she went to check on him, but by the time she pulled over, a lady in a car was already assisting him.

Officer was traveling on N. Racetrack St when he observed a vehicle without working brake lights. The rea lights were on but did not light up when the vehicle braked. Officer also observed the vehicle fail to maintain lane, at which time he performed a traffic stop. Officer made contact with offender who identified himself, and his info wan ran to find he did not have valid insurance.

Units responded to a MVA, and upon arrival, all persons were irate. Complainant was the witness to the accident and told units that another witness in a separate vehicle hit her in the face with a closed fist while they were arguing. Officer did not observe any marks, and all other witnesses stated that she was not hit, she grabbed her to keep her from trying to fight other people involved.

Officer observed a male to whom he knew had an active aggravated assault warrant, walking down N. Coleman St. As officer hit his brakes, offender took off between two houses. Offenders hat, clothing, and others items was found at the rear fence of Chapman Funeral Home. K-9 Miya was deployed at offender’s clothing and she picked up the scent and began tracking. Miya tracked offender in the dumpster behind old B’s Diner, now known as Bird’s. Upon returning to the location of where his clothing was located, there was a drug related object located in a spiral notebook.

August 16

Officer responded to Tractor Supply in reference to a male walking around in boxers. Upon arrival, officer made contact with the store manager who advised that offender had just left with a female who did not pay for a drink and a dog wash. Officer exited the store and made contact with offenders next door sitting under an overhang of a building. Officer informed the male that he could not be in public wearing nothing but boxers and informed the female that she could not leave the store without paying for a dog wash and that the store was requesting she go back and pay. Officer asked the male offender if he had any health problems and he informed of a few disorders and that the dog had vomited on his clothes and that was the reason for wearing two layers of boxers. Due to the male’s mental status, officer had him sit in his patrol unit out of sight of the public until the female offender finished handling her business with Tractor Supply. Officer escorted her back inside where she attemte3d to use two cards that were both declined, and the store manager asked if he could just trespass her from the store. Upon running the female through GCIC, it was discovered that she had an outstanding warrant out of Bulloch Co. for fraud.

Officer was dispatched to Mike’s Food Store in reference to the caller wanting to make a report of his ex calling him with a TPO in place. Upon arrival, officer met with complainant who stated his wife had a TPO against him but she tried to contact him but he did not answer.

Officer responded to Calhoun St. in reference to someone knocking on complainant’s door and when she got to the door, nobody was there. Upon arrival, officer walked around the residence and did not locate anyone. He then knocked on the door and spoke with c/p who stated someone knocked on her carport door, then on her front door. C/p stated that just before someone knocked on her front door, she thought she heard kids talking around the SE corner of her house.

August 17

Officer was behind a vehicle with a brake light out and made a traffic stop. Officer made contact with the driver who advised he was aware of the brake light not working. Officer then asked for his license, which he provided. Officer then verified the tag info and it came back to a different vehicle. Officer then informed offender of the findings and he stated he was also aware of that but since it came back to a vehicle he owns, that he was allowed to put it on any vehicle that eh drove and it was covered. Officer asked for registration and insurance information on the vehicle and offender was unable to provide any. Offender stated he has insurance that covers his wrecker service in Metter that covers anything that he operates. Officer asked again for any insurance documentation, company name, etc. to verify the insurance coverage and offender was unable to do so. Officer retrieved the VIN and ran it through GCIC and it came back to another male subject with cancelled registration and no valid insurance. While officer was in the patrol unit, offender approached officer with a phone in his hand advising that the insurance company was on the phone and that she could speak with them. Officer advised offender to return to his vehicle and she would be with him in a few minutes. Officer did not take the phone due to being unable to verify who was on the other end of the call. Officer exited her patrol unit and approached offender and began attempting to explain the citations and advised the vehicle would be towed and immediately he became uncooperative and exited his vehicle advising that he was not signing nothing and was calling the sheriff. Officer advised offender to turn around and place his hands behind his back and was going to be arrested for refusing to sign the citations. Offender then decided to sign, arguing the entire time, advising officer that he was driving his vehicle from the scene and that it was not going to be towed. Offender then advised that he was going to park the vehicle in the parking lot and come back later to get it with his own tow truck. Officer advised offender that it was going to be picked up by the next listed wrecker service who was already on the way. Offender was uncooperative and requested to speak with a supervisor. Officer called Lt. via cell phone who was unavailable to come to the location at the time and advised officer to let offender know that the vehicle would be towed and if he felt the need to file a formal complaint, a complaint could be done at the SPD.

Complainant went to SPD to file a report about his estranged wife. C/p stated there is a TPO against him to not have any contact with his ex and she called him but he won’t answer because he doesn’t want to go back to jail. C/p stated he made a report the day prior because offender called his phone, but he did not and will not answer any calls from her. C/p was advised to speak with the Clerk of Court and the ECSO in reference to the TPO because it originated in their court.

Officer met with complainant on W. Church St. in reference to a theft. C/p advised he left his residence for appx. 2 hours and upon returning, he notice3d that his change jar was missing. C/p also advised there were 2 other individuals who reside at the same location. Officer met with the other 2 individuals who advised c/p is on numerous medications and is all the time losing items or misplacing items and that they have not seen a change jar. Both denied any involvement in the jar.

Officer was dispatched to S. Main St. in reference to the caller wanting to make a report of damage done to his vehicle. Upon arrival, officer met with complainant who stated his vehicle was parked at SHS and he believes his ex-girlfriend damaged it Officer observed several scratches down both sides of the vehicle similar to those made by dragging keys down it. C/p state3d offender is still upset over breaking up. Officer tried to contact offender via cell phone provided but was unable to reach anyone. Officer informed c/p to get with school resource officers the following day and inform them of the incident and see if they could obtain video footage.

Officer responded to Warren Ave. in reference to a report of an assault that had already occurred. Upon arrival, officer spoke with complainant who stated his ex-girlfriend’s brother was waiting for him at his residence when he arrived home. C/p stated offender jumped on him in the passenger seat of the vehicle he was riding in and grabbed him by the neck and started choking him and said he would kill him. Officer did not see any bruising or marks on c/p’s neck. Officer then spoke with witness who stated she drove her brother to his residence and offender was there waiting on him. Witness stated she got out of the vehicle to introduce herself and that when offender started yelling at c/p and went to the passenger side of the vehicle and opened the door. Witness stated offender jumped into the passenger side of the vehicle and started choking c/p and she and her father pulled him off and told him to leave.

Soperton PD arrested offender who had two warrants through SPD. EmCo 911 made officer aware that offender was in custody and that offender was claiming to be injured after running from them and being tased prior to being arrested, but refused EMS. Arrangements were made to meet and pickup offender. Officer transported offender to EMC to have his ankle checked and was cleared.

August 18

Officer went to Lucky St. to serve a citation for having a business without a business license. Upon arrival, it was found that the address was an abandoned house. Upon further search of the property, officer found that the property belonged to the City of Swainsboro and no one had been living on the property in over two years.


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