SPD 07-28-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…
July 16
Officer was dispatched in reference to meeting someone for a report stating that a lady from church bought him a hotel room and that he has been on meth and has been trying to get off of it. He stated that two men came in his room and had meth and he asked them to leave, but they refused. He went to a local store to get out of there in order to call the law and have this issue handled. The officer called another officer to check out the hotel room to make sure the other two men were gone and to check for drugs. No one answered the door, the officer used the key to get in, the room was unoccupied and there were no drugs. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a report about a woman walking up behind him and grabbing his hair and pulling him to the ground and started hitting him. He states he does not know why the female subject attacked him, but his left arm and hand were injured. 
Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for speeding, the driver did not have a license, but handed the officer his passport and Mexico license. The officer asked if anyone was able to get the vehicle and he stated no. He was arrested for driving with no license. 
Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle and while informing the driver why he was stopped he asked him for his license. The driver stated he wasn’t from here and handed the officer his license. The officer ran the information through the system and returned back to the vehicle and asked the male why his eyes were so glossy. There we no other signs of alcohol. The officer asked the driver to perform a sobriety test for him and he agreed. 4 out of 6 clues during the eye exam portion of the testing, 2 out of 8 on the walking portion, and 3 out of 4 clues during another physical test. The officer asked the driver to take a blood test and he agreed, he was transported to the hospital for testing and his speech was slurred at check in. He failed the testing and was issued two citations then transported to jail. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to a female in a local store with a t-shirt on and no pants. The female was arrested for indecent exposure and taken to jail. 
July 17
Officer was dispatched in reference to taking a report for a damaged vehicle. Birds flew out of the grass striking the side of his vehicle causing damage. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to a woman saying her Childs father has been harassing and threatening her saying he knows where she lives. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to a female stating she bought a phone from her friend, but when she went to get it turned on it stated it was stolen. 
July 18
Officer was dispatched in reference to an entering auto. The female stated her dog barked as if something were outside and that morning when her daughter got up to go to work, she noticed the glove box was open, face masks were gone, and a bag that was in the front seat was now in the back.
July 19
Officer was dispatched in reference to elder abuse. The female called the law stating she had to leave there, she said she was not running a license under the personal care home, she was not fed, and that she is being abused. The female who made the call was discharged with stage one cancer, which required treatment and additional doctor appointments, which was turned over to the owner, but it was later found out that she has been missing her treatments and appointment and not how untreatable cancer and hospice services were to begin. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to shoplifting, the store clerk stated the suspect is already gone, but she would recognize him if he came back in. She also stated he had an odor and assumed from that and his looks that he was homeless. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to stolen items from vehicles. Between all of the vehicles in the one owner’s yard, they stole about $50 and EarPods, everything else was just trashed.
Officer witnessed a vehicle with no headlights on during the night, they conducted a traffic stop. The driver stated it was his aunt’s car and he has never driven it. When asked for his license he stated he left it at home. The officer got his information and ran it through the system and the driver did not have a valid license. He was arrested and transported to jail and issued two citations. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to someone breaking into toolboxes at a local car dealership. No items seemed to be missing, but they appeared to be open with a pry bar. No cameras were able to observe any footage. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to elder abuse. The woman from adult protective services received a call stating that this woman was taken care of by her daughter, but there was no food in the house, no air conditioner, and she had bad hygiene. The elderly lady is often taken food and is begging for something to eat. A report has been done in reference to the complaint.
Officer was dispatched in reference to a dispute. While the female subject was moving out, the other female placed a screw under her tire. The offender reported that the complainant was spiking drinks with substances. She stated she wanted to leave and not return. 
July 20
Officer was dispatched in reference to a damaged vehicle. The damage was supposedly done at a local doctor office, but the officer observed a fence gate hinge that was about the same height with fresh paint chips on it and believes it may be that. She stated she did not recall striking the fence. 
July 21
Officer was dispatched in reference to a dispute between brother and sister regarding money. The brother stated he wanted his $120 back that she took off of his debit card and the sister stated that the brother owned it to him for wrecking her car. Officer stated she cannot just take money out of his account, but then she showed him the text from a week prior stating that she could. She gave the officer the money, the officer said she did not have to give it back. She stated the officer could give him the money back and tell him to leave. He had to pay her $ for the damage to the mailbox. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to a female stealing from the register at her job in a local fast-food restaurant, before she was fired. They have videos for proof. The female refuses to return the business keys. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to inmates on a work detail and one of the inmates places some item inside of a bush in front of the building. The officer found a white bag in the bushes with shorts and a t-shirt and asked the inmates who it belonged too. The inmate stepped forward and stated it was him. 
July 22
Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with no illuminated taillights on either side of the vehicle. The officer asked the driver for his license and he stated he left it at him, but the officer ran his information and his license was suspended for child support obligations. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to suspected illegal drugs being found on the property around the ATM. The complainant stated there was a bag filled with an unknown white powdery substance believe to be illegal drugs. Surveillance footage will be checked in hoped of locating an offender. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to a vehicle being vandalized. The woman stated her front windshield was busted & the back tire was stabbed. She had the description of their clothes, but nothing more at this time. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to a fight in progress with guns. One female stated two females tried to jump on her and she had a video of the whole incident. The officer watched the video and went to speak with the other females. One of the females was visibly upset and sweating. She stated that “that girl” has been talking trash and lying about them. The order in which she stated events happened was contradictory in the order she first told the officer. The second female was refusing to get in the car after the officer talked with her. The officer noticed she had a stun gun and he removed it for evidence, but she was refusing to get in the officer’s vehicle and making terroristic threats to others. A male subject was hit in the head with a bat. The other female from the video was picked up from her house and arrested, she was refusing to comply with the officer as well and had to be restrained. Many of the friends and family were outside protesting the arrest. They had a hard time booking both females due to them not wanting to give their personal information. 
July 23
Officer was dispatched in reference to a domestic dispute. The female subject stated she left her home earlier today and when she returned the male subject kicked in her front door and destroyed her house and she wanted a restraining order. She was explained the way to go about doing so.


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