SPD 07-14-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…
July 2
Officer was dispatched to Rodeway Inn due to complainant stating someone stole her handgun from her room. She stated that the only people that were inside her room was her boyfriend and the housekeeper and that she did not believe the housekeeper stole it because she let her look inside her room. C/p stated she believes the motel owner has access to all the rooms and was acting very suspicious. C/p stated when she asked the owner to review the cameras to see who went inside her room, he would only let them see bits and pieces of the camera footage, so after going back and forth with the owner, she decided to make a report.
July 3
911 dispatched officers to King Circle Dr. in reference to a residential front door that had been shot at. Upon arrival, officer was advised that sometime during the night, someone shot the front glass door out. And stated that the bullet went through the glass door and the front door. Complainant also handed the officer the brass ball of the bullet that was on the living room floor. Officer looked around outside in an attempt to locate a shell casing but could not find one.
Officer responded to WalMart parking lot and met with complainant who stated that while she and her mother were in the drive-thru at McDonald’s, a car was trying to get in line before them but couldn’t and got upset and started blowing the horn. C/p stated that once they got their food and left, they went to WalMart and the offender followed them and pulled up behind them. C/p then stated she got out to ask offender what the problem was and why they were following them and offender threw her drink at c/p and drove off. While officer was speaking with c/p, she was in fact wet and the McDonald’s cup was still on the ground.
Officer met a vehicle and noticed the window tint was dark enough that he could not tell who was inside of it so he knew it was darker than the legal limit. Officer turned on his emergency lights and turned around to conduct a traffic stop and the vehicle pulled into KFC parking lot and accelerated at a speed that it would not have been able to safely stop if someone stepped out in front of it. At this point, officer had his siren on and the driver exited the rear driveway and went South. When they got to Cross St, the driver slammed on brakes doing a nose dive, almost causing officer to crash into the back of him. Driver continued to flee on Cross St. and officer continued on Mable Ave. in an attempt to catch up with him at the intersection. When officer got to the intersection, he noticed the vehicle was stopped in the middle of the road. As officer approached the vehicle, he could not tell if anyone was still in it. As he was getting out of his patrol unit, a resident that lives in front of where the vehicle was stopped stated the subject ran through the woods but was unable to give any clothing description. Other units rode the area trying to find someone running on foot but was not able to make any contact. 911 was contacted to send a wrecker to pick up the vehicle.
Officer was dispatched to W. Church St. where he spoke with complainant and offender. They are both neighbors and this was the second time officers were dispatched to the location. The first call was because c/p’s dog went inside offender’s home and she was very upset, and they had words. The second time was because offender and her family got into a verbal argument that was potentially about to get physical. C/p stated he was trying to tell offender that if they had an issue to go to them before getting the law involved and offender got upset and a few choice words were passed to the point that they had to be separated. Officer informed both parties that they need to keep their distance as best as they could.
Officer observed a driver not wearing his seatbelt, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Driver got out and officer met with him at his door and told him why he was stopped. The driver stated his license were suspended and to please let him go. Officer then ran the tag info and it did not match the vehicle. Backup arrived and ran the VIN with 911 and confirmed the tag belonged to another vehicle and the driver stated he was working on the car and put the tag on it just to get it to the house. Officer verified his license were suspended for failure to appear and placed him under arrest.
Officer was dispatched by 911 Sonic in reference to an irate customer. Upon arrival, officer witnessed the vehicle parked towards the front of the business and was attempting to reverse upon his arrival. Officer exited his patrol unit and made an approach on the vehicle and the driver attempted to pull away. Officer directed the driver to stop by giving loud verbal commands, and the driver stopped. Officer then approached the driver side and made contact with the driver. When the driver replied, his speech was slurred and officer could smell alcohol, at which point he asked the driver to step out of the vehicle. Driver became passive aggressive and continued to try to make a phone call. He was given several verbal commands by officers on scene to pout his phone down and exit the vehicle. Offender’s license was run to find that they are suspended. Driver was then removed from his vehicle by officers and placed under arrest.
Patrol units responded to McLeod Bridge Rd. in reference to a dispute. Upon arrival, officers met with both parties who stated they got into a verbal argument and complainant wanted offender to leave. Officer explained that the offender had established residency at the location and she would have to have him formally evicted is she wished for him to leave, but offender agreed to leave for the night. Before offender’s ride arrived, officers heard multiple gunshots coming from nearby. All units left the residence before the separation could occur.
July 4
Officer observed a vehicle without a working tag light, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Offender gave his license and stated he gets his insurance card via email. Officer ran the tag to find the vehicle was uninsured. Officer went back to the vehicle and asked the driver to step out and the female passenger started cussing and got in the driver seat and hung her head out the window and officer instructed her to get back in the car and she kept cussing. Officer told offender that the vehicle did not have insurance and that he could smell a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and he stated he drank earlier, and asked the officer if he would follow him home and he would get insurance tomorrow. Officer responded that he could not do that and stepped to his patrol unit and got his PBT and asked offender to give a sample and he stated no. Offender then cussed at officer several times and made comments. During inventorying the vehicle, a magazine with 24 rounds in it was located in the glove box, along with a cell phone. A glock was found beside the driver seat. While in the backseat of the patrol unit, offender kept cussing and calling the officer names, and continued to cuss and call him names once at the jail.
Officer observed a vehicle make an abrupt turn almost striking another vehicle, at which time he initiated a traffic stop and informed the driver the reason for the stop. Officer then asked for offender’s license and she replied that she lost them at the club, but gave her name and DOB. While speaking with offender, officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol. Officer then returned to his unit and checked offender’s info, which came back valid. Officer then went back to offender’s vehicle and asked her to exit the vehicle. He then asked how much she had to drink and she stated she had a few drinks at the club and her last drink was at midnight. Officer then asked offender to perform a field sobriety test by blowing into the PBT and it returned positive for alcohol.
Officer stopped a vehicle for no tag light and offender stated she has been pulled over for it before and that it works but it’s not bright enough. Officer then stepped to his patrol unit and turned his lights off and verified that there was no light shining on the tag. Officer was about to let offender go with a warning when he smelled a strong odor of alcohol. Offender stated she had not had anything to drink and officer asked her to blow into his campaign hat which she did and he verified a strong odor of alcohol and offender stated she would take a breath test. The PBT registered positive for alcohol.
Officer was dispatched to WalMart and met with complainant who stated offender had been inside for appx. 3 hours harassing customers, acting very suspicious with a bookbag on, and was messing with computers that employees use to clock in and out, turning them on and off. C/p also stated offender was going in employee only areas of the store as well and that he wanted him gone from the store as well as criminally trespassed. Officer spoke with offender who stated the statements were not true and that he was using the employee computer to charge his phone. Officer explained that WalMart wanted him criminally trespassed from the premises and he needed to sign the notice, but he refused to sign it and became very upset and stated he didn’t do anything and he was not signing anything. He then started to walk off, making a scene in the front of the store. Officers told offender to stay where he was and not walk off but he ignored all redirections and kept walking back inside the front of the store to the computer he was using, making a scene. When he finished and walked back to where he was told to stay, he was informed that he was under arrest for failure to comply with instructions.
Officer observed offender driving with no seat belt on, at which time he conducted a traffic stop. Once making contact with the driver, he admitted that he just forgot to put it on. Officer then asked for his license and went to his patrol unit to check for validation. It was learned that offender was wanted and had an active warrant by Johnson Co. for several charges. Officer then went back to offender’s vehicle and informed him of the situation and he became very upset, blaming law enforcement for messing up his holiday and not going after real criminals.
Officer received a call that offender with an active warrant that he has been trying to serve was sitting on a bench outside of a William St. residence. Officer then responded to the location and advised offender of the arrest warrant and was taken in without incident.
Officers were dispatched to S. Anderson Dr. in reference to a resident stating he heard a noise in his shed and thought someone was in there. Officer arrived and went towards the shed and saw a male inside the shed pulling his pants up. Offender went outside of the building and officer pulled his weapon and told him to show his hands, as he had one hand behind his back where officer could not see it and he did not comply. Officer was unable to tell if he had a weapon or not by the way his hand was positioned and he took off running around the residence. Another officer pulled up and told offender to stop as he was running towards him. Officer ran around the residence towards the front and offender saw the other officer and ran on the porch, trying to get in the house. Officer pulled his weapon again, approaching the offender and told him to put his hands in the air several times and turn around and get against the wall, and offender did not comply. Officer walked up onto the porch and holstered his weapon as other officer was covering him and turned offender around and told him to place his hands on the wall. Offender was handcuffed and placed under arrest. Offender’s sister went to the door and stated it was her brother but he was not supposed to be at the residence at all. Offender stated he went to the shed to get his clothes that were in there. Officer placed offender in his patrol unit and verified that there was an outstanding city probation warrant out for him.
July 5
Complainant went to SPD to report a lost tag from a motorcycle. C/p stated she last saw the tag a couple days prior and that it must have fell off.
Officer responded to EMC ER in reference to an injured male. Upon arrival, officer met with witness who is the victim’s father, who stated victim got into a physical altercation with an unknown male at a house on Gumlog Rd. Witness was not present for the altercation but picked victim up after the fact and took him to the ER. Victim had a busted lip and scraped knee, and potentially broken ankle. Officer was unable to speak with victim due to him being so highly intoxicated and asleep and to waking up for medical personnel.
Officer was dispatched to Lincoln St. in reference to the caller wanting to make a report of a tree limb falling on her vehicle. Upon arrival, officer observed a large oak limb laying on top of the vehicle. Fire Dept. was called to remove the limb and damage was observed.
Officer was dispatched to MLK Blvd. in reference to the caller wanting to make a report of someone pulling a gun on them. Officer met with complainant who stated offender borrowed money from her and when she asked for the money back, offender became irate and pulled a gun on her. C/p also stated offender went through the house threatening to shoot a dog in the residence. Officer spoke with a female subject who stated c/p had not told the truth. She stated offender pulled a gun and threatened to shoot the dog but did not point it towards c/p Contact was made with offender who explained that he borrowed money from c/p and had paid her part of it back but she goes to clubs and forgets. Offender did admit to pulling a gun and threatening to shoot the dog due to it biting kids at the residence several times.
July 5
Officers came in contact with a male who had an active probation, he was arrested and transported to jail. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to criminal trespassing. The owner of the building stated that someone had entered in the warehouse and stolen some of his items. He stated that this is not the first time this has happened because his phone would send him a notification when there was movement around his security camera. The owner also stated it seemed like boxes were moved around to block the cameras. He also stated he thought this could be from employees or ex- employees that know their way around the building. 
Officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle with a broken windshield. The driver stated she has an appointment to get the windshield fixed. The officer asked her for her license and registration to run in the system. The driver did not have any valid insurance. She tried to contact her insurance company, but it was unsuccessful. She was issued a warning for her windshield, but her vehicle was towed due to no insurance. 
July 6
Officers were dispatched in reference to a burglary, stating that someone entered his place of business and stole his Play Station 4. He stated there was no forced entry to the door. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a residential burglary with forced entry. The back door was kicked in and there was damage to the door latch itself and the door frame. A gaming system and about 15 games were taken.
A report was made stating that a blank check was taken from the offender without his knowledge and was signed and cashed for $100. The offender provided the officers with all of the information needed in order to correct the problem. 
Officers were dispatched to a local store in reference to a suspicious male. An employee stated that there were two suspicious males walking around the side of the building and the wooded area. The officer asked the employee to identify the male, but he was unsure of the whereabouts of the other male were. He was transported to his girlfriend’s house and she stated she did not want him there. The officer took him to a local hotel. 
July 7
Officer conducted a traffic stop and the driver seemed to be nervous and upset. The officer asked him for his license and he stated it was suspended, but he really needed to get home. The officer ran his name for information, discovering that he had a warrant out for failure to appear. He was arrested for a suspended license and the warrant from Johnson County. The car had valid insurance, so the officer let the driver’s girlfriend come pick up the car. 
July 8
Officer conducted a traffic stop on a man riding a motorcycle. The officer asked him for his license and registration, but the man stated he did not have insurance for the motorcycle at this time, and that’s what he was on the way to do now. He was issued for three citations and the motorcycle was towed. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to someone hitting their building as they were leaving the parking lot. The complainant stated that the delivery truck hit the corner of the drive thru. The driver stopped and then continued to drive. 
Officer was dispatched in reference to a walk-in report. The female stated she went to pick up her clothing and an altercation took place. She stated she was grabbed by the throat and hit in her right arm. Nothing further at this time. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a fight. One of the females already left the scene and was picked up and taken in for an interview. The female stated she was at the local gas station when a car pulled up and the other female got out and punched her in the face, then more people started jumping in. The two females had been arguing back and forth over social media. The video surveillance confirmed that the female was correct about the altercation. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a verbal altercation that had happened earlier between a mother and daughter. The daughter wanted to return to her mother’s house to gather clothes to stay elsewhere for the night. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a report of a man making a threat towards an employee.


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