SPD 06-09-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

May 26

Officers responded to a call from a local apartment complex stating there is a male subject who is no longer welcomed on the premises due to him making threats towards her staff as well as slashing his ex-girlfriends tire and abusing her verbally and physically. 

May 27

Officers responded to a female stating that her boyfriend brought another female to their home to fight her, because he was accusing her of cheating. The boyfriend stated that he came to pick up his belongings and she started with him and the female with him. He stated she had men sneaking in the house through the ceiling to have relations with her. 

Officers responded to a female in a local store who was attempting to return items that had never been purchased. The officer asked her if she was alone and she stated that she was with her uncle and she was returning some items for her grandmother from her deceased grandfather. The officer informed her that he was going to speak to the man in the car to see if his story matched, he stated he was not her uncle, he was just giving her a ride to the store because she said her brother needed to have some items returned. The female was lying about more than one thing and she was also wanted by the Vidalia police. 

Officers responded to a local store in reference to a possible fight. A female stated that her maternal aunt came up to her and blew up in her face, grabbing her arm and yelling at her. She stated this is not the first time this has happened. 

Officer initiated a traffic stop, the officer informed him of why he was stopped and asked him why he still had an out of town tag and license. The driver stated it was because of COVID. The officer ran his information and another officer informed him that he was been transporting illegal drugs/narcotics in that vehicle with him. Officer asked for permission to search the vehicle and the driver stated that he could search anywhere he wanted to. The officer found a tin can with a white substance inside. One officer checked the substance and informed him that he was under arrest for the possession of methamphetamine. 

May 28

Officer imitated a traffic stop and informed the driver why he was stopped. He stated he didn’t have his license on him right then. The officer ran his personal information and discovered that his license was suspended. He was transported to the jail. 

Officers responded to a call at a local fast food restaurant, the assistant manager stated that an employee was coming to pick up her check and she began to threaten her and the pulled a gun out on her.

Officers were dispatched to a local store where a woman was attempting to shop lift, she was not caught on the camera, so they just asked her to leave.

May 29

Officers responded to a female subject walking barefoot on the road with a machete. Officer slowly removed the machete from her reach. She was stating everything was ok, but was bleeding from her knees and there was blood on the blade of the machete. She slowly opened up and informed the officer that she and a male subject got into an altercation and he grabbed her by her throat and drug her through the house, scraping up her knees. He bit her face and punched her in the face more than 20 times. She stated she grabbed the machete and was able to get away from him, but she does not want to be a victim or get him arrested. She agreed to file the report just to have it documented. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a door being kicked in. The complainant stated that she heard several loud knocks before the door came open, there was a crack in the door and the frame was broken near the dead bolt. She stated she had no idea who would have done it. 

Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a four-wheeler that ran a stop sign, the four-wheeler took off, the officers lost sight of the vehicle and called off the chase. Another officer informed them that a four-wheeler came by his house at a high rate of speed. Officers located the four-wheeler in the back yard of a residence pulled up beside the porch and the motor seemed to still be hot. Officers were knocking at the door and waiting, when a female pulled up and got out of her car. She stated she knew who owned the four-wheeler but did not know where he was. At this time, an officer saw a mans face in the window, the man stated that was his four-wheeler but he was not riding it around. The officers stated they were going to have the four-wheeler towed, then the man stated that he took his child to his mother on the four-wheeler a little while before, but he was not driving crazy on it. One suspect stated that the four-wheeler they were chasing earlier was red and this man had a blue four-wheeler, so the officers decided to not tow it due to uncertainty.

Officers were dispatched by 911 in reference to an individual being at the complex that needed a criminal trespass. Officers spoke with the man and informed him that is he was invite to the room in the apartment complex then he would not be served a criminal trespass. Officer ran the tag on the vehicle of the male subject and his insurance and registration was valid, but that he did have an active warrant in Washington County. 

Officer was dispatched to a residence in reference to someone wanting to make a complaint about their neighbor. The neighbor had been letting the dog outside without a leash and it had been chasing her and her kids. The female said something to the neighbor about the dog and he put the dog inside and came back outside with a shotgun, he did not threaten anyone, just walked around with the shotgun. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a male arguing with a female. They left by the time the officers got there, but the witnesses did not know who either were. 

Officers were informed by other law enforcement that there was a male walking who has a bench warrant for his arrest. He was placed under arrest and transported to the jail. 

Officers were dispatched in reference to a dispute. Complainant stated that his ex-girlfriend was trying to fight him because she believed that he had her car key. He said that they could look through his room, because he did not have her key. According to him, there had been no physical altercation. They were advised to separate for the night. 

May 30

Officer ran the tag number of a vehicle to check for valid registration and insurance to find the vehicle to be uninsured, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching the driver side, officer advised offender of the reason for the traffic stop, at which time offender stated insurance had just been obtained a couple of days ago. Officer then asked for the driver’s license and he stated he did not have them on him and gave his name and DOB. Officer returned to his patrol unit and ran offender’s name and DOB to find his license expired in 2013 and had been suspended due to child support. Officer returned to the vehicle and informed offender that he would be placed under arrest for driving while unlicensed.

Complainant stated an unknown lady pulled into her father’s yard blowing the horn and c/o went outside and the female had two males in the car with her. C/o stated the female was believed to be the wife/girlfriend of a male whom her father hit and killed in a motor vehicle and she was asking questions about c/o’s father’s car. C/o contacted her father, who is incarcerated, and he advised her to file a report.

Officer responded to Sunset Inn in reference to a disturbance in the parking lot. Upon arrival, officers made contact with male subject in the parking lot and when asked what happened, he stated that he broke up a fight between two males. Officer then located one of the suspects and asked what happened and he stated he was trying to break up an altercation between two male subjects and that one of the subjects had been drink for two days and was having altercations with multiple people.

Officer responded to Arden dr. in reference to a domestic dispute. 911 advised that the husband had broken some glass and taken his wife’s phone and that the wife was hiding in a closet emailing her daughter who was relaying the messages to 911. Upon arrival, deputy approached the residence and knocked on the door, but got no response. The daughter advised that the husband did own guns but did not know if he had a gun with him. 911 further advised that there were 3 aggressive dogs in the house. After going to the back door and ringing the doorbell multiple times, offender eventually went to the door. When offender got to the door, officers observed he had blood on his shorts, at which time he was detained and officers entered the house to locate the wife. It was determined that the blood came from offender breaking a window pane trying to get back inside the house.

May 31

Units responded to Abundance St. in reference to a dispute. Upon arrival, units met with complainants who advised that c/o’s mother lives with them and she started arguing with them and hit c/o’s wife with a flyswatter. C/o had bloody knuckles and when asked about it, he advised he punched the mother’s bedroom door. C/o’s mother stated they started with her.

Officer observed a moped with a passenger not wearing a helmet and was pulling a hand truck. Officer conducted a traffic stop and explained why he was stopped. Offender provided her license and officer learned that they were suspended for failure to appear. Offender was placed under arrest and transported to the county jail.

Officer dispatched to N. Racetrack St. in reference to a broken window.

Complainant went to SPD to make a report. C/o stated someone entered his vehicle and stole his phone. C/o also stated his vehicle was unlocked.

June 1

Officer responded to SPD in reference to a walk-in report. Complainant stated she was in the home section of WalMart when she noticed a Hispanic/mixed race boy in his early teens following her. She advised she moved to multiple different isles and the boy followed her. C/o further stated that while she was on one isle, the offender rubbed his finger against her butt and walked away. C/o stated she bent over to look at the wax melters and when she stood up, the male subject was standing closely behind her. C/o then stated she fled the aisle and called her boyfriend and told him she was being followed and that she was parked in the garden center. C/o then noticed the boy was still following her, then walked away. C/o then started walking towards the garden center and stopped in a large isle between cosmetics and toys when she noticed another male walk into the garden center door and lock eyes with her, walk past her while staring at her, stopped, and turned around and walked back past her while still staring. Officer went to WalMart and viewed the camera footage and was able to see the whole incident take place, with the exception of the things that happened inside of the isles as the cameras do not pick that up. Both offenders had on masks so officer was unable to clearly see their faces.

Complainant went to SPD to make a report. C/o state he lost his vehicle tag and needed a report in order to get a new one.

June 2

Officer responded to Lewis St. in reference to a male subject refusing to leave when he was asked to. Officer responded back to Lewis St. in reference to the same male subject returning to the area. C/o told 911 that the male subject was beating on his niece’s door.

Officer was dispatched to Mary Ann St. in reference to a hit and run.

911 dispatched officers to Quick Clean Laundry in reference to complainant stating someone was after her with a knife. Upon arrival, contact was made with employees of the establishment but had no clue what they were talking about. Officer had 911 attempt to contact c/o and it went to voicemail. 911 provided the number to officers and an employee of the establishment stated whose number it was and stated he did the same thing at her job in Statesboro. She further stated that there is an issue between them because she is a tattoo artist and is friends with an employee at the establishment. She further stated she is going to get a restraining order on him.

Officer was dispatched to King Circle Dr. in reference to a neighbor pouring food over into another neighbor’s yard. Upon arrival, officer met with complainant who stated the neighbor had been throwing food over the fence into his yard. Officer made contact with offender and explained the situation and they both became irate and exclaimed they had not thrown any food over the fence. They also stated c/o has been causing trouble with them for a few months.

Officer responded to Booker ST. in reference to a report of criminal trespass. Upon arrival, complainant state his sister went to their late parent’s residence and saw a female in the yard picking plums off the tree. The witness asked the female to stop picking the plums and to leave and offender stated she had all she needed anyway and then told someone on the phone to go get some because the tree is full and they are good.

Officer was dispatched to SPD to meet with complainant in reference to damage to her vehicle while at WalMart.

Officer was dispatched to N. Racetrack St. in reference to an unwanted person. Complainant stated offender went to her residence earlier that day and went back and refused to leave. Officers made contact with offender who was reluctant to comply with officer’s commands to exit the residence. Offender was heavily intoxicated, unsteady on his feet, and had slurred speech. Offender finally walked out of the residence and stood on the porch despite multiple attempts of telling him to leave. Offender requested to go to jail, then walked to his vehicle and attempted to enter it. Officer stopped offender from entering his vehicle and placed him under arrest.

June 3

Officer ran the tag of a vehicle to verify registration and insurance to find it had expired registration and no valid insurance, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Upon verifying the driver’s information, it was found that he had suspended license.

Officer responded to Pam’s Magic Sauce in reference to a counterfeit $10.

Officer was dispatched to Pughsley St. in reference to the resident wanting to make a report of her daughter breaking into her storage building. Offender was served a criminal trespass warning and explained the consequences for returning to the property.

Officer was dispatched to S. Main St. in reference to threats. Upon arrival, officers met with complainant who advised a known female subject threatened her. Arrests were made for disorderly conduct.

Officer responded to Price St. in reference to a dispute over mail. Complainant advised offender allegedly accused her of stealing or misplacing his mail.

Officer was dispatched to Sunset Inn in reference to a damaged wall. Upon arrival, officer made contact with offender who stated he was arguing with another person and struck the wall instead of striking the individual. Offender was arrested due to c/o wanting to press charges.

Officer was dispatched to SPD in reference to a theft.

June 4

Officer responded to Kwik Shop in reference to a disorderly male standing outside of an employee’s vehicle cussing. Upon arrival, officer observed offender standing/leaning against the vehicle. Officer exited his vehicle and asked what was going on and offender stated he was waiting on Mitch to open the store, and appeared to be intoxicated. Complainant stated offender was fussing and cussing because they wouldn’t open the store after she told him it wasn’t opening hours yet.

Officer responded to Jordan Estates in reference to harassment. Complainant stated a FB account video called him and took screenshots of him naked and began sending him messages demanding a monetary payment or the photos would be sent to his friends and family.

Officers were dispatched to E. Pine St. in reference to a theft.

Officer was dispatched to Swainsboro Supply in reference to a female renting a Uhaul and was supposed to return it and has not. Complainant stated she has made several attempts to contact offender and has negative contact.

Officer observed a vehicle traveling 62 MPH in a 45 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. The driver advised officer that his license were suspended and attempted to persuade officer to let him go, but officer advised he could not allow him to leave. Offender asked that his vehicle not be towed because he could not afford it and officer allowed him to leave it for his mother to pick up.

June 5

Officer responded to WalMart in reference to a shoplifter. Complainant stated she watched offender trying to steal and conceal multiple items by stuffing them in other bags and when she confronted her at the exit, offender took off running, leaving the bags of items. The items totaled $595.90.

Officers responded in reference to a man pointing a gun. Officers were told that the man pulled up in a vehicle behind another vehicle and told them to move. The people in the other vehicle stated they were waiting on someone else to move so they could pull in. The male drove around them erratically, started cursing at them, and then pulled a gun on both of them. No name, tag number or any identification for the suspect.

Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex in reference to a domestic call. The victim stated the offender was seeing another woman and they were arguing about it when she slapped him in the face and scratched his right arm. 

Officers took a report from a man stating that he noticed when he pulled into a local gas station that his tag was missing from his car. The officer got the information for him and has it in the system. 

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle going 51 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. The driver did not have his license, the officer asked him for his information and ran it through the system. It came back as no driver found, he was placed under arrest and transported to jail. 

June 6

Officers conducted a traffic stop and the officer smelled the odor of alcohol on the drivers’ breath immediately. The driver stated he did not have a license. The officer had him step out and walk to the back of the vehicle. The driver was swaying when he walked and it took him three times to spell his last name for the officer. Officer had the driver preform the walk and turn test and checked his eyes and he was clearly under the influence. The officer had the driver preform one more test and then took a Breathalyzer test, proving that he was positive for alcohol. The officer placed him under arrest and transported him to jail. 


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