SPD 06-02-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…
May 18
Officer ran a vehicle tag for the purpose of checking registration and insurance to find the vehicle had expired registration. Officer made a traffic stop to find that the driver’s license is suspended.
Patrol units responded to McMillan Dr. in reference to an unwanted person. Upon arrival, units met with offender who stated he walked from Millen to an address where his wife lives to see his daughter. Victim advised she had been separated from offender for six years and he has been physically abusive towards her and her child before. Victim seemed to be genuinely scared of offender and wished for him to be removed from her residence as he did not have permission to be there. Offender left the residence without incident.
May 19
Officer made contact with offender on Lee St. in reference to three outstanding warrants.
Officers went to Project St. for the purpose of serving an active bench warrant. Contact was made with offender.
Officers attempted to serve a warrant on offender on Center St. but there was negative contact at the residence and a neighbor advised offender has been in jail for a few months. Officer remembered that offender was wanted out of Laurens Co. for a burglary and contacted them to confirm offender was in custody. Officer placed a hold on offender.
Officer was dispatched to East Ga. Secure Storage in reference to someone wanting to make a report about items being stolen from their storage unit. Upon arrival, c/o stated several items that were missing and advised that the lock on the unit had not been cut. C/o further advised that the only other person she could think of that had access to the code and could possibly have a key to the lock was her ex-boyfriend, but she could not be sure.
May 21
Officers responded to Pughsley ST. in reference to dogs at large. Upon arrival, complainant stated her neighbor has several dogs that are not restrained and following the leash law. She stated that her children cannot even pay in the yard without the dogs being aggressive towards them. C/o also stated that her husband rides his bike to work every morning and the dogs have tried to attack him. C/o stated she has spoken with her neighbor but she doesn’t seem to believe her dogs are the problem. Officer went to the neighbor’s residence but was unable to enter the yard without the dogs becoming aggressive towards him, and observed 8 unrestrained dogs in the yard. Animal Control was contacted and the neighbor was cited.
May 22
Officer was dispatched to Modoc Rd. Ext. in reference to the resident wanting to make a report of her vehicle being stolen. Upon arrival, complainant stated that her ex-boyfriend took her vehicle and refused to give it back. C/o stated offender could possibly be in TN. When asked if she thought offender would flee in the vehicle, she stated she believed he would. C/o was informed of the consequences of entering the vehicle as stolen and she stated she was absolutely certain she wanted to pursue.
Officer was dispatched to McLeod Bridge Rd. in reference to terroristic threats. Complainant stated offender was texting her about money she was holding for him and she told offender that she had misplaced the money and could not find it and that she would get a loan to give him. C/o stated offender started texting her saying that he was going to go to her apartment and bust the windows out of her vehicle and punch her and he did not care about her children being around.
Officer was dispatched to McLeod Bridge Rd. in reference to complainant stating she was at Dollar General and was backing out of the parking space and her vehicle was hit by a truck. Officer ran the tag of the truck to find that the registration was suspended and did not have any valid insurance.

Officers arrived at Turner Dr. to find the complainant standing by her vehicle having a verbal argument with offender, who is her brother. C/o stated they got into it and offender threw something at her vehicle and busted her back window.
May 23
Officers responded to S. Racetrack St. in reference to a dispute. Upon arrival, officer met with victim who advised she and her girlfriend had been verbally arguing for most of the day but when she returned home, offender began physically assaulting her in the presence of her one-year-old son. Offender fled the scene prior to officer’s arrival. C/o advised the offender grabbed her around the throat and began pushing on her windpipe with her thumb. C/o also alleged that offender hit her in the face and pulled her hair. Officer did observe abrasions on both sides of c/o’s neck, a bump on her temple, and part of her braids were pulled out. C/o further stated that offender took her Apple watch, house keys, car key, and iphone charger.
Officer was dispatched to Booker St. in reference to a dispute. Upon arrival, complainant stated offender was on her property and she asked him to leave because he was arguing with victim. Victim stated offender has been threatening him over some work he did to his car. Victim stated he told offender that it was just a temporary fix on his car so it could move from one place to another for a more permanent fix. Victim also stated offender continues to come up to him where ever he is and demand his car be fixed and threaten him.
May 24
Officer responded to the area of East St. and E. Main St. in reference to a truck that pulled down power lines in the area. Upon arrival, officer met with employees of AEMC who advised one of their trucks pulled down the cable line and Pineland had already been notified.
Officer was dispatched to Latitude 105 in reference to a stolen phone. Complainant reported he allowed several children to enter his apartment in order to give them candy and was unable to locate his phone following the event.
Officer was dispatched to Latitude 105 in reference to disorderly conduct. Complainant stated offender was yelling and shouting with other tenants because several children she was watching were accused of stealing a cell phone.
Officers were doing traffic control when they observed a vehicle behind a truck pulling a cattle trailer and passed it in a no passing zone. Officer activated the emergency equipment and initiated a traffic stop. When running the tag, it came back to a different vehicle. Officer made contact with offender and remembered dealing with him in the past and he did not have a valid license and would run from law enforcement. Once running offender’s info through GCIC, it was found that his license is suspended and he had an active warrant out of Jenkins County.
Officer received a call in reference to someone knocking on their house windows. Upon arrival, both offenders stated someone knocked on their windows then they heard 4-5 gunshots from the road behind their home appx. 5 minutes later. Officers rode the area but found nothing. A few minutes later, 911 advised officers to respond to King Circle Dr. in reference to someone around her house.
May 25
Officer responded to Sheppard Dr. in reference to a report of theft and threats. Upon arrival, complainant stated she let a friend borrow a duffle bag of clothes and her EBT card and when she asked offender to return her card, she would not. C/o then stated she told offender that she would go get the card because she needed it and offender to c/o that she was not allowed on the property where she was staying. C/o then stated an unknown female called her from offender’s phone and threatened to kick her butt, but didn’t know who the female was.
Officer observed a vehicle traveling 66 MPH in a 45 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. When the vehicle came to a stop, offender opened his door and attempted to exit the vehicle and the officer informed him to stay where he was at. Officer made contact with the driver and retrieved his license, and ran the tag to find it belonged to a different vehicle. Officer observed offender’s condition indicating he was under the influence, and offender advised he was taking Ativan. After performing part of a field sobriety test, offender was arrested for DUI. Enroute to the jail, offender was being belligerent and making threats towards the officer, and again when they arrived inside the jail.
Officers were dispatched to Huddle House in reference to a dispute with an ex-employee. Upon arrival, officers met with offender who stated she got into an argument with the manager during a meeting. Offender stated she voiced her opinion on some concerns she had at the restaurant and c/o did not agree with them. Offender stated at that time she turned to another employee and stated that she did not like that guy and c/o became very irate and demanded her to leave. Offender further stated that while she was gathering her belongings, c/o became more irate and told her he said to get the *blank* out of his store. C/o stated offender had an attitude during the meeting and he wanted her gone and asked that offender be criminally trespassed from the business.
Officer responded to Lee St. in referenced to a dispute with a neighbor. Complainant advised that her neighbor was being ugly and picking on her while sitting on the front porch. This is an ongoing dispute between the two subjects. Officer was dispatched to the area of Tyson St. and W. Moring St. in reference to a road blockage. Upon arrival, offender was operating a log truck and empty trailer when the log trailer disconnected from the truck and fell to the ground.
May 26
Officers responded to Green St. in reference to a dispute. Upon arrival, units met with both complainant and offender who are also married who both advised they had been having a verbal altercation. Offender advised there was no physical aspect to the argument and c/o advised offender laid his hands on her by pushing her head back with his hands but no visible marks were observed. Offender was asked to leave the residence for the night. C/o stated this is a common occurrence and would like to be away from offender.
Officer met with complainant on Emanuel Rd. in reference to a stolen firearm. C/o stated she noticed her handgun missing from her drawer and she was the only one that knew where it was kept. C/o also stated the last time she saw the handgun was three days prior when she put it back in the box in her drawer. She also stated all her doors were locked when she went home. While checking a door connected to her bedroom that leads outside, there appeared to be marks around the door. C/o stated she only uses that door from the inside.


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