SPD 04-28-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…
April 14
Officers responded to an incident that had already taken place at a local restaurant. The drink machine ran out of ice and the man started yelling at the employee and then threw his cup at her. 
April 16
Officers responded in reference to a report of 5 packages with a total of approximately $500 to the wrong address. 
Officers conducted a traffic stop and the driver did not have his drivers license. He was driving a car that had a “tag applied for” tag on the back. The officer ran the information and discovered that the drivers license had been expired since 2017. Officers asked the passenger if she had a license and she stated she did not. She gave the officers the wrong name. When they figured out her real name, they found warrants out for her arrest. Both the driver and passenger were transported to jail. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a shoplifter. She was putting expensive items in her buggy without scanning them. She was transported to jail. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a dispute. The complainant states he hadn’t heard from the tenant in four months and knocked on the door to see if she was going to pay rent or move out. He was advised on how to file for eviction. 
April 17
Officers were dispatched to a local store and reviewed video footage from that day and discovered a male and female changing the price tags on items before checkout. The total price of the items was almost $200. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a domestic dispute. The complainant was highly intoxicated and her speech was slurred. She stated that her boyfriend was being verbally abusive towards her. She stated that he left walking.  Officers made contact with the boyfriend walking down the road and he told officers they had both been drinking and that he is just going to stay elsewhere for the night. 
Officers were dispatched to a local hotel in reference to an assault. Complainant stated that her boyfriend began tossing her items out of the hotel room. A verbal altercation then allegedly took place and then she threw her soda on him. She states he then began pushing her and took her glasses and left the location. 
April 18
Officer conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle going about 48 in a 35 MPH zone. The officer noticed the driver throw a bag out of the window before stopping, he then called for backup. The officer asked the driver what was in the bag he threw out. The driver stated it was a bag of marijuana. The officers found the bag and confirmed the substance in there. The amount was considered a felony. He was transported to jail.
Officers responded in reference to an unknown dispute at a local gas station. Complainant states that two offenders came to the location and a verbal dispute took place over unpaid chicken wings. Both offenders are no longer allowed at this location. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a call involving a handgun. One woman states the other woman jumped out of her vehicle in the middle of the road and began to argue with her. While arguing with her the lady ran across the road with a black handgun. The other lady stated she saw her running towards her and she began to run into the residence. While running into the residence the woman grabbed her wig at the bottom of the steps and ripped it off her head. She was able to make inside, but the other lady was constantly yelling at her stating “I’ll blow your brains out.” When being questioned they only spoke of altercation by punching her in the face and an attempt to fight back. She was advised to take out a warrant before it escalated any further. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a weapon being stolen from his vehicle the night before. He stated he had a house party the night before and had no idea who could have taken it. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a boy who hit a pole in the parking lot of a local store. He went home and then later made the report. He was told it was illegal to leave the scene of the accident. A report was done due to the damage of the vehicle. 
April 19
Officers were dispatched in reference to a report stating that the tag on his vehicle was no longer there.
Officers were dispatched in reference to a lost wallet. The man states he lost his wallet sometime in the last two weeks. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a walk-in report. Complainant states her boyfriend stole two 50” televisions and a standing floor lamp from her residence. He was already in the residence sleeping on the couch that morning. She states the believes the theft took place because she refused to have intercourse with him. He left three notes around the house all reading “My Furniture! Let Mr. Jones get ya more!” 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a damaged vehicle. Vehicle owner stated that someone damaged the hood and front passenger quarter panel of her vehicle sometime in the middle of the night. She states she does not have any issues with anyone and does not know who would have caused the damages.
April 20
Officer responded to SPD in reference to a walk-in report. Complainant stated that sometime within the last week, an unknown person stole her tag off her vehicle while it was parked at her residence.
Officer was stopped at the red light on W. Main when he observed a vehicle make a left-hand turn when the light turned green and did not initiate the turn from the turning lane. Officer then initiated a traffic stop and observed that the vehicle’s validation sticker was expired. Offender stated he sold the vehicle a while back and the person stopped paying so he went and got it back and have been driving it for a couple of months. Officer ran offender’s info on GCIC to find the registration was cancelled and there was no insurance.
Officer responded to N. Main St. in reference to two people sitting in a car smoking marijuana. Upon arrival, officer identified the vehicle occupied by a female driver and male passenger. Officer approached the vehicle on the driver’s side and could smell the odor of marijuana inside the vehicle, and saw a baggy containing marijuana sitting on passenger’s lap, which he then sat on the center console. Both occupants acknowledged they were both smoking prior to officer’s arrival. Officer ran both subjects thru GCIC to find the passenger had active warrants, at which time she confirmed the warrant, and an arrest was made.
Officer responded to Braswell Blvd. in reference to complainant stated that while he was gone out of town working, someone went to his house and knocked out his windows to his vehicle. The front window, rear passenger window, and rear window were all knocked out. There were several bricks located near and around the vehicle that seemed to be used to break the windows.
Officer was on duty performing security at Jordan Estates when he was approached by two females who stated they would like to rile a report. As the officer went to radio an on-duty unit to make the report, one of the females stated she did not want it broadcast on the radio. Officer then asked what the report was in reference to and they stated it was on a person for making terroristic threats and that he had property that belonged to one of the female’s sister. The suspect was known to have outstanding warrants. C/o also stated that the male subject had a pistol in his possession and described what he was driving. Officers then made contact with the vehicle and attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but the vehicle began to flee. The chase terminated at the end of Eloise Rd. where offender ran the truck in a wood line and fled on foot. Officer arrived on scene and assisted on securing the area. K9 units was radioed to assist in tracking. Upon arrival, Maya began tracking, but it was called off due to poor radio conditions and the danger of a weapon being involved.
April 21
Officer was dispatched to Dollar Tree in reference to a shoplifter. Upon arrival, officer met with the Asst. Mgr. who stated a female went to the register to pay for drinks and candy, but had concealed some items in a small backpack. When the store mgr. asked offender about the items, she didn’t want to show them, but when she found out the cops were called, she took the items from her bag and stated she was going to pay for them separately. Offender had 10 boxes of candy in her bag.
Officer responded to Racetrack St. in referenced to a fight and a window getting broken.
Officer was dispatched to Burger King in reference to an altercation with a customer. 911 advised that offender left the scene but employees would still like to make a report. Upon arrival, complainant stated that a male and female went through the drive-thru and when they got to the window, the female driver complained that the order was wrong and that they did not give her drink that she ordered. The vehicle parked and the male went inside complaining about the drink and got irate and knocked down all the tea pitchers on the counter. Officer observed a large puddle of what appeared to be tea on the floor in front of the service counter. C/o also stated the male hit a child while being irate, but the child was identified as an employee’s 17 year old daughter. C/o further stated that two gentlemen standing in the lobby recorded the encounter. An employee was able to get the tag number so the officer ran it through GCIC to find who the vehicle belonged to and called the number listed on GCIC. A female answered the phone and gave a brief statement but was told she and her passenger needed to go to SPD to give their statements.
Officer met with complainant on E. Pine St. in referenced to an unknown male subject entering complainant’s residence. Upon arrival, officer met with c/o who advised that while the door to her apartment was open, an unknown male went to the doorway and asked her if a package had arrived.
Officer met with complainant on E. Pine St. in reference to an unknown male subject entering her residence.
Officer was dispatched to Old Nunez Rd. in reference to a pig at large.
Officer was dispatched to the Senior Center in reference to theft of catalytic converters.
Officer got behind a vehicle on Electric Dr. with no tag and no taillights, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer approached the vehicle and informed the driver the reason for the stop and he stated he just purchased the vehicle a week ago and a wire came loose from his battery as to why the taillights were inoperable. Driver gave his name and VA license. Officer was aware that the vehicle had been purchased longer than a week due to the fact he had stopped him a few days prior for the same offense, at which time he was given a warning and informed not to drive the vehicle until the taillights were working properly.
April 22
Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that came through a red light holding their phone in a texting position. Driver had a warrant out of Dekalb County and his registration was expired. The driver was transported to jail. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a possible break in. Complainant stated that someone attempted to enter her home. 
Officers patrolling the streets had a female drive up to the police department stating she was running away from a male. She stated that she was at a friend’s house when the man jumped into her passenger seat and she tried to escape from him. He allegedly chased her which caused her to run into a tree causing damage to the corner of the bumper on her vehicle. 
While standing behind the front desk of the police department a mother going into a verbal altercation with her daughters’ girlfriend. The girlfriend then pulled her pants up, bounced back and took a fighting stance. Officers were able to intervene before any punches were thrown. Both were arrested for disorderly conduct.
Officers were dispatched in reference to a rolling domestic. Officers attempted to locate the vehicle. 911 stated it was a domestic between husband and wife with kids in the vehicle. 
April 23
Officers were dispatched in reference to an altercation. The complainant states she was giving her male friend a ride home, but he took her to a different location. The two friends got into an argument and while in the passenger seat, he threw the gear shifter in park, grabber her face and pulled her glasses down her face, causing injury to her upper lip. She stated that he then walked around to the driver side, pulled her out of the vehicle and then drove her vehicle further down the road before parking it in an unknown yard and taking off on foot. 
He also took her phone and keys with him when he left the scene, leaving her stranded.
Two females whom of which work at the same local store got into an altercation for the second time. One female states she was talking to a guy and her cousin was being petty and started talking to the guy as well causing tension between the two of them. The female that pulled up in the vehicle on the other female had a car full of females standing around like they were ready to jump on her. The other female’s grandmother broke up the altercation. 
Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle going 60 MPH in a 45 MPH zone.  Once stopped, the officer got the license from the driver and smelled a strong odor of alcohol. The driver admitted that he had been drinking and he was sorry he was breaking the law. He took a breathalyzer test and it stated he was over the legal limit. He was arrested and transported to jail. The vehicle was turned over to his brother, per request. 
April 24
Officers were dispatched in reference to an anonymous called reporting a domestic dispute. When officers got to the apartment, it was a daughter, boyfriend and mother. The boyfriend was in the other room crouched on the floor and he stated that they got in a small argument and nothing more. 
April 25
Officers were dispatched in reference to a previously occurred dispute. Complainant states that the day before, while cleaning out her deceased family’s apartment, the offender and another male began hollering and bowing up at her, but never hit her. The offenders left earn she threatened to call 911.
Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle going 58 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. The driver had an expired license. The officer asked the two males in the vehicle if there was anything in the vehicle and he admitted that there was marijuana in the center consul. He was arrested and transported to jail.


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