SPD 03-31-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…
March 17
Officer was dispatched to S. Main St. in reference to damage to a vehicle.
March 19
Officers responded to W. Moring St. in reference to an unwanted person. Upon arrival, units could hear arguing inside the house and knocked on the door to make their presence known. Offender opened the door and advised everything was fine and victim advised she did not want offender at her house. It was then found that offender went to the residence to check on victim and victim let offender in the house. Victim then did not allow offender to leave so that she could record him being at her house so “people wouldn’t think she was crazy”. Victim was advised to not allow offender back into her house if she does not want him there. Offender was served a criminal trespass notice to stay away from victim’s residence. Officer responded to WalMart in reference to an irate customer. Upon arrival, officer walked to the electronics department and heard offender speaking loudly with an employee. Officer made contact with offender and advised him to quieten down and asked him to tell him what the argument was about. Offender stated he purchased a phone and the employee would not switch his phone number over. Officer told offender that they were not required to do that and he would have to contact StraightTalk. Offender stated they had done it for him before. Officer then advised offender again to settle down and to not be loud in the store and that if he continued being loud, he would be arrested for disorderly conduct. Officer could smell alcohol coming from his person and that along with his boisterous behavior was enough to arrest him. Offender then settled down and got a refund for his purchase. Officers walked offender out of the store and gave him a trespass form from WalMart and was advised that if he returned, he would be arrested.
Officer ran the tag on a vehicle to find it had suspended registration and no insurance, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Upon running the driver’s license, they were found to be suspended.
Officer ran the tag on a vehicle to find it had no valid insurance., at which time she initiated a traffic stop.
March 20
Officer was dispatched to Thompson St. for people screaming and hollering. Upon arrival, contact was made with offender who stated she and her sister were leaving a party and she called 911 because her sister was damaging her vehicle.
Officer responded to King Circle Dr. in reference to a report of two dogs that were running free attacking her dog.
Officer was dispatched to N. Main St. in reference to an attempted entering auto. Complainant reported an unknown offender approached her vehicle and attempted to open her door. C/o instructed offender to leave but he would not comply. Offender then called 911 and offender walked away.
Officer responded to Industrial Way in reference to a damaged mailbox.
Officer ran the tag of a vehicle to find it was uninsured with suspended registration, at which time she initiated a traffic stop.
March 21
Complainant went to the PD to make a report on offender. C/o and offender work together at Waffle King and offender started fussing at her about the amount of grits she was distributing to customers and offender started cussing at her with customers in the restaurant. C/o also stated offender pushed her as she was trying to leave.
Officer responded to Harvey’s in reference to damage to a vehicle.
Officer responded to W. Church St. in reference to a dispute with a neighbor about her music being too loud.
Officers were dispatched to the area of S. Racetrack St. for loud music. Complaints were made several times the day before and contact was made with offender who was advised of the complaints and was advised to keep the music down. Upon arrival, officer could clearly hear loud bass, loud enough that the door bell was rang multiple times and the door was knocked on with no response from inside. After several minutes, the occupants noticed the flashing blue lights out front and a male came to the door. The male was asked if he was the primary resident of the residence and he stated he was, and was detained for failure to comply. At this point, another person got loud stating it was her residence and she was responsible for her home. Both parties were released and with compliance from offender, she was issued a citation for loud music.
Officer observed a vehicle traveling at 60 MPH in a 30 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Upon checking the driver’s license and registration, it was found that the vehicle had suspended registration and no insurance.
Officers were dispatched to D&I for a fight between a nephew and his uncle. Complainant stated her son was truck in the face by the uncle.
Officers were dispatched to Family Dollar in reference to a vehicle that has been left in the parking lot for a week.
Officer responded to W. Moring St. in reference to a stolen debit card.
Officer responded to N. Racetrack St. in reference to a stolen phone.
March 22
Officer conducted a traffic stop due to stop sign violation. Drivers informed the officer he did not have his license and the officer ran his information in the system and discovered his license was suspended. Driver was placed under arrest and transported to jail.
Officers were dispatched to a local store in reference to a man stealing a Gillette razor. He was charged with shoplifting concealed items. Once taken to jail, officers found a blue baggie inside his pants pocket that had crystal like substance inside which was tested and came back positive as methamphetamine. 
Officers met with complainant upon arrival and she stated that her ex-boyfriend damaged her home. She stated that he got mad because she was moving into her own place. There was significant damage to the property with multiple holes kicked in the walls and cabinets torn off of the walls. The property was totally destroyed. 
Officers were dispatched to a home where the mother stated that her son lives in Statesboro with his roommate. She stated that her son was in a romantic relationship with the offender. When her son broke up with the offender, she has been causing them trouble. Harassing him, driving around their house and starting altercations with the son. The ex-girlfriend supposedly drug him down the road by his shirt from the vehicle and attempted to hit him with her vehicle. The son spoke with the officers and agreed with his mother on her statement. 
Officers conducted a traffic stop on a silver Trail Blazer with a cardboard tag stating “Tag applied for.” The officer informed them of why they were stopped and asked for their license. The drivers license was suspended. The driver was arrested and taken to jail. Once there, the officers were notified that he had an outstanding state probation warrant from 2017.
March 23
Officers were dispatched where a woman states she was threatened with a knife. She stated she did not have time for this because she is pregnant and wanted this documented in case she had to defend herself. The offender states the complainant is lying on her and was starting with her and was calling her children bald headed. There were several witnesses who stated that same thing. 
Officers responded to a woman who states she left a local store and drove to a local fast food restaurant and realized she left her wallet in the store. 
Officers were dispatched to an area near railroad tracks to meet with deputies who were out with an elderly female who had passed out on the street. It was stated by deputies that this elderly woman was walking and fell face first on the ground. An ambulance was called to check her out. Officers spoke with the woman, asking her for her name and address. She stated that she lives with her son and daughter-in-law and that they had been stealing from her and not giving her all of her medication she needed. She said her daughter-in-law constantly screams at her and cusses her out. Officers returned the woman to her residence and spoke with the daughter-in-law. The officer asked if she knew she had left and if she was on any medication. She showed the officer her mother-in-laws medication. The daughter-in-law informed the officer that her mother-in-law was on medication for anxiety as well as other medications, but had not had them that day. She stated that she had some type of infection and was confined to a back room in the house. She also stated that she has never hit her, but they did have a verbal altercation earlier that day.
Officers were dispatched to a dispute between a mother and son. The 17 year old son stated she stays on him all the time and he was tired of it and was leaving because she tried to hit him with a computer desk. The mother stated that she did not try to hit him with a desk but she did spank him twice with a belt on the butt because he keeps letting a girl come over and go in his room and she is not going to have that in her house. The mother stated that her son started kicking the door trying to get in to her and saying inappropriate things. The son was placed in handcuffs, but after speaking with officers and promising to respect his mother he was then released into his mothers custody again. 
Officers responded to a call with the complainant stating this was her 95 year old fathers house and they were taking him to a nursing home when she noticed the back porch had been broken into. They stole approximately $250 worth of various food items out of the freezer and approximately $150 worth of clothing including her father’s old army jacket. 
Officers took a statement that a male noticed that one of his $400 golf clubs was missing, but doesn’t have any idea who would have taken it. 
March 24
Officers conducted a traffic stop and informed the driver he was stopped because the two main brake lights on his van were not working. She showed her passport for identification purposes, but did not have a drivers license. She was allowed to call a licensed driver to pick up the vehicle. She was then arrested and transported to jail. 
Officers met with complainant about damage to their mailbox. The mailbox had been pried open and the lock had been damaged. 
Officers had a vehicle towed from the street that was abandoned on city property for a long time with the right front tire missing. The officer was able to contact the person listed on the print out and he stated that he sold the car to his son and when he told him to change the name on the tag, he got mad and parked the vehicle, but until today he did not know where. That conversation with his son was about a year ago. The father informed the officer he did not know where his son was and he was not worried about the vehicle stating to “do what you have to do.”
March 25
Officers were dispatched to a local store for an accidental firearm discharge. The driver stated while at the stop sign, she was looking through her bag and her glock 43-x discharged. The driver’s side window was shattered and the driver’s door mirror was damaged, but nobody was harmed and the location of the bullet was unknown. 
Officers were given a debit card by Swainsboro police department, turned in as lost or stolen. Card was recovered in a local restaurants parking lot and taken to the police department for safe keeping. 
Officer initiated a traffic stop and the driver stated she did not have a driver’s license and that it had been suspended for a failure to appear in Laurens County back in 2016. Driver contacted someone to come pick up the vehicle and she was transported to jail.
March 26
Officers responded to a call to a local gas station where two females were standing outside of their car by the gas pumps, arguing with a male and female who had their three juvenile children with them. The complainant states one of the children were mocking her in the store and when she addressed it, the juveniles mother started yelling at her and then followed her to the gas pumps mocking her and trying to start a fight. The mother of the children states the offender came into the store and tried to provoke her into a fight because she is dating one of the female’s ex-boyfriend. Stating that she had been harassed and threatened over facebook by her for two weeks. She stated that she blocked both of the females. Officers separated the parties and advised of remedies available to them. 


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