SPD 02-17-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…
February 5
Officers placed woman under arrest and transported to Emanuel County jail. Other officer searched both females and the bag because they had stated that there was a pipe in there.
Officers responded to the SPD in reference to a walk-in report with the complainant stating that the father of her children is harassing her via text and call. She was advised to block all numbers from him and file for a TPO.
Officers were dispatched in reference to offenders that were causing a scene. Offenders spoke to officers outside of business stating that the complainant refused to allow them to pick up their semi-truck. The complainant reported that the offender still owed an outstanding bill of nearly $4000 and that the truck has been on the site for approximately 18 months. All parties were advised that this is a civil matter and should be resolved through the magistrate court.
February 6
Officers responded to the Swainsboro apartments on East Pine Street in reference to a complaint that a door that had been kicked in. Complainant stated that she believes her boyfriend had kicked her front door in for her not allowing her to barrow her vehicle. Offender was not on the scene. There was damage to the door frame and the door would not close. Maintenance was called to repair the door.
February 7
At a traffic stop, an officer was provided with the driver of the cars sisters name and date of birth. The driver was advised to come sign the citation for driving while unlicensed and interference with officer or warrants will be taken for false information.
February 8
Officer was dispatched to King Circle in reference to a report. Driver stated that when she got home from work that he noticed damage to the front end of her bumper of her vehicle. She stated the only place she had been today was work. Officer did observe the damage to the front bumper of the vehicle. No further information at this time.
Officer was dispatched to Lucky Street in reference to a domestic in progress. Upon arrival officers met with complainant and victim who stated that offender pulled up in a gray Jeep with the front bumper missing and got out and started cursing at them, stating he had something for them and kept verbally abusing them in order to start a fight. Complainant stated the offender always has several guns in the vehicle and he verbally associated himself as a part of the local Crip Gang. The Complainant stated that her daughter is dating the offender, that she wants to go be with him and that she is also pregnant. The daughter stated that the offender did not do anything and none of this was true. Officers went to Lee Street due to another officer seeing the vehicle in the yard. Offender stated he was not even on Lucky Street today and that the Complainant is lying and is trying to get him in trouble due to another incident that happened this past Friday night. Officers asked for consent to search the vehicle when they saw Offender putting something into the back of the Jeep. Offender agreed and the officers proceeded to do so, but the Offender withdrew consent and the search was stopped.
While conducting a stationary speed enforcement on Highway 80, an Officer observed a vehicle estimated to be going 15 MPH over. The radar displayed speed of 60 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. The vehicle was stopped and the officer asked the driver for her license. She stated she did not have a license. Officer contacted the sergeant asking about traffic infractions due to the issue f the language barrier. Officer returned to the vehicle and informed driver she would be arrested for driving while unlicensed. Driver was able to call a licensed driver to come pick up the vehicle and she was transported to the SPD where she was fingerprinted and then released on citation.
Officer pulled vehicle over, once speaking with the driver asking for his license, the Officer noticed his speech was slurred, his eyes were glazed over and he had a strong odor of alcohol. The officer asked the driver if he had consumed any alcohol. The driver admitted he had one 12oz beer about one hour ago. The officer asked him to step out of the car, where he was then swaying while walking to the back of his vehicle. The officer asked him if he would take a Field Sobriety test and the driver agreed. The driver took the test and failed, which he was then placed under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.
Officers were dispatched to SPD in reference to a report. Driver stated she was in the line at a South Main Street address and her vehicle was side swiped by a black Chevrolet truck, causing damage to the front passenger side of the vehicle. Driver spoke to the driver of the truck and got his name. No information was given on the vehicle. No further information at this time.
February 9
Officers were dispatched to a South Main Street business in reference to a TV that was broken by an individual that rented the room the previous night. The housekeeper of the hotel was the one who noticed the TV and mirror were both broken but did not mention the mirror due to it being inexpensive.
Officer was dispatched to an address on South Main Street in reference to obscene phone calls to the manager.
Officer was dispatched to Youngblood Street in reference to the resident stating her ex-boyfriend was making threats against her and riding by her residence. She was advised to see the Magistrate Judge in order to obtain a TOP against her ex-boyfriend.
Officers were dispatched in reference to a report stating that a tag was taken off of a vehicle due to not using the vehicle anymore. He stated the tag was in his place of business, but he has since then misplaced the tag.
Officers were dispatched to SPD in reference to a Domestic in progress. Upon arrival, the offender was standing in the lobby and stated that she and her husband got into an argument over him being on the telephone and she grabbed it and threw it up against the wall breaking it. The husband had the same story but also stated that no one passed any licks. The husband told the sergeant that he had somewhere he could stay that night.
Officers were dispatched to the SPD in reference to a report. Complainant states that while in a local business, a male subject whom she knows put his arms around her waist and she told him to get off of her. He then rolled his eyes and walked away. No further information at this time.
Officer was observing traffic when he ran a GA tag on a white Lincoln Town car and noticed an expired registration and proceeded to stop the vehicle when it was safe to do so. The officer informed the driver that his insurance was invalid and called another officer to give him a ride back to his residence.
February 10
Officer was positioned at North Main Street when a single gunshot was fired, sounding like it was fired in the area of Lucky Street and the car wash on N. Green Street. Officers rode the area and were not able to locate any shell casings or possible offenders.
Officers responded in reference to Damage to property. The complainant advised that the offender broke a $3000-$4000 granite countertop. The offender advised that he did not intend to break it and it was an accident. The complainant informed the officer the was trespassing and did not live in the building nor was he on any lease agreement.
Officer was dispatched to West Moring Street stating that their building was broken into by someone with a key or by someone lifting the bar in the back to the back door. Complainant states that there was $400 worth of laundry detergent stolen from under the counter as well as a rose gold watch and an iPad 5th generation.
February 11
Officers and sergeant responded to the SPD in reference to a damaged to vehicle report. Complainant stated that sometime between the day before and that morning her passenger side mirror was struck by what she believes to be another vehicle. The mirror was visibly hanging off of the door frame.
Officers and sergeant met with complainant at the SPD in reference to criminal trespass. She advised that her e-boyfriend has been calling her and she believes that he was at her home peeking into her windows early that morning. Complainant noticed footprints that she believed to be ex-boyfriends outside of her bedroom window and noticed a slab of wood and cinder blocks moved around her yard. She was advised of the TPO process through superior court and advised to call 911 is she ever feels unsafe.
Officers responded to South Main Street address in reference to a found wallet. The wallet in question was turned over by an employee of the bank. The wallet contained a GA Drivers license, EBT Card, Cashapp card, and an American Express Card. Wallet was turned in sometime last week by an unknown individual. Wallet was transported to the SPD, logged, and placed into temporary evidence locker for safekeeping.
Officer was positioned for a vehicle left in the complainant’s yard. The owner of the vehicle stated that her boyfriend had drove the car to this location and had left it there. She states that’s she did not know why he left it there in this yard. She was then instructed to get the keys to it and get it out of the yard now or it was getting towed. She left the scene and came back with the keys and retrieved the vehicle from the location.
February 12
Officer stopped a Black Chevrolet HHR traveling North on South Main Street in Swainsboro because the front passenger tire was sparking. The HHR pulled into a South Main Street address and was informed of the issues with the tire. When information was run through the system, the officer learned that the driver’s license was suspended and there was an outstanding warrant out if Toombs County. 911 was asked to verify the warrant, which was valid, but that Toombs County did not want to place a hold on the driver. She has two juveniles in the vehicle with her, since she is from Millen the officer opted to take her to the police department to be fingerprinted and released on citation. Once they arrived at the Police Department and fingerprinted, she was citated for Driving while licenses were suspended. She was served with an official notice of license suspension. She was released on citation and then transported with the juveniles back to the South Main Street address and was accompanied with officer until a licensed driver arrived to turn the car over to.
Officer initiated a traffic stop on a Black Ford SUV as they were turning into a South Main Street address, due to the fact of driving with no headlights in the cover of darkness. The officer approached the car and informed the driver as to why he was stopped. The driver informed the officer that he was driving his friends car and that he was unsure of how to turn on the lights. The officer showed the driver how to turn on the lights and asked for his license. While speaking with the driver, the officer noticed that the driver’s eyes were glossy and watery and that the three occupants of the vehicle were dressed in Hula attire as if they had just left a party. The officer asked the individuals if they had been to a party, they answered yes. The officer smelt an odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the breath of the driver as they were speaking. The drivers name and date of birth were run in the system, but the officer misunderstood the year and had to come back to speak with the driver twice, which led to asking the driver to step out of the car and the officer asked the driver if he would be willing to blow on a portable breath test (PBT) and informed him it was not admissible in court and it was only to give the officer a bases of what level of intoxication he was at. The driver agreed and was unsteady and constantly moving to include stretching his hands to his feet and stumbling. The officer called for another officer to come in due to the fact of the PBT not performing correctly. While waiting on the other officer, the driver admitted to the first officer that he had actually consumed 7-8 beer instead of 2 like he had initially told him. He was instructed on how to perform the test and his intoxication level was at .15 and he was informed that he was under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol under the age of 21. The driver was asked if he needed anything from the vehicle. The other passengers had someone come to pick them up and contact the owner of the car. The driver was transported to the SPD where he had to perform a second PBT. The driver was escorted in, fingerprinted and released to a sober driver on the account of current COVID-19 restrictions set in place with Emanuel County Jail. It was made clear prior to being released that he could not be behind the wheel of a vehicle and it was made clear to the individual picking the driver up as well. The individual picking the driver up stated that he would be sleeping at his house and his responsibility for the rest of the night. Diver was issued with two citations and provided with a copy of the test results.
Officers were called to Stevens Drive with the complaint of loud music. The homeowner stated he did not aware the music could be heard outside of his home. He was advised this as a reoccurring problem and any further calls would result in a citation being issued. Homeowner was polite and stated it would not happen again.


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