Smith receives the GASSAR Patriot award


The Patriot Medal is the highest award presented to a Compatriot by a State Society and recognizes long, faithful, outstanding and distinguished service at the state and/or chapter level. The Patriot Medal is awarded only by a State Society and may be presented only to an individual and may be received ONLY once. Service at the national level is not considered in making the award. It is desirable that it be presented at the annual meeting of the state society. A representative cannot accept the Patriot Medal. A Compatriot may receive this medal only once. State Societies are authorized one medal per 500 members but are not required to issue all medals authorized. Medals not awarded may not be carried over to the next year.

Henry Wilder Smith, Jr. has been a member of the SAR since February 17, 2011, joining the Wiregrass Chapter. He is also a dual member of Brier Creek, Four Rivers and Mill Creek Chapters. Compatriot Smith was a charter member of the Wiregrass Chapter, serving as Vice President in 2013 and as President from 2013 to present. As Chapter President, he has hosted several workshops, to include Registrars, Americanism Report, and chapter Secretary. He is also a member of the Elijah Clarke Militia, Brier Creek Militia and the Brier Creek Artillery of the Georgia Society Color Guard. He has participated in numerous commemorations as a member of the Color Guard, firing his flintlock. Compatriot Smith has presented programs at a number of chapters on The Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge, Guilford Courthouse, Cowpens, Kings Mountain, Kettle Creek, Brier Creek and Daniel Morgan. Compatriot Smith has been the Georgia Society Finance Committee Chairman since 2015. He assisted in chartering and organizing the Brier Creek and Fall Line Chapters. Compatriot Smith is a charter member of the Brier Creek Revolutionary War Battlefield Association. He assisted in stopping the Palmetto Pipeline Company from digging a natural gas pipeline through the middle of the Brier Creek Battlefield and over the graves of more than 150 American patriots who died and were buried on the battlefield.


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