Today is a beautiful day. So why is it so beautiful? It's beautiful because you woke up. It's beautiful because you have breath in your body. It's beautiful because you are able to read this article. So, this gives you a chance to show gratitude. Yes, today is an opportunity to share and pour in someone else's life. There are so many people waiting for you. You have so much to give.

Everyone is here to encourage each other. When we love we share. I don't know what you have to share but you have something. You actually have more than you think. It's just about conditioning your mind to reach out to others. You may ask what and how can I give? I'm glad you asked. Start from within. Start with the intangibles. Things that don't cost money. Things that are not material.

Give someone a call. Let them hear your voice. Call and tell them you care. Call and tell them they are loved. Call and tell them, “You can make it.". If you can give them a visit, go and spend a few moments with them. There are people right around you who can use an encouraging word.

Okay. Maybe you are busy. Good deal. If you are at work, stop being cold. Start giving people you meet a greeting. " Hello, have a blessed day, have a good day." Give encouragement to them that everything will be alright. Let them know that not only God cares but you care about them and their situation. When we began to show love one to another, our lives will be enhanced. You will begin to feel better.

It's okay that you may be confined in some way. Encourage those around you. Encourage the elderly, a child, a teenager, a pastor, a police officer, a nurse, a doctor, a custodian, and the list goes on. It's easy to find someone that needs encouraging.

Yes, today is the day for you to share. Today is the day to give love away. Today is the day to show that you are grateful. Today is the day to reach the unreachable and to love the unlovable. Yes, reach out to someone who does not look like you. Reach out to someone who does not have what you have. God gave it to you to SHARE.

Now, you have a blessed and beautiful day.


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