Seedling Garden Club announces Flower Show results


The Seedling Garden Club's Spring Flower Show-A Pine Tree Festival Event was held on Saturday, April 30, 2022 and Sunday, May 1, 2022. Using the theme "We're Back to a Wonderful World" the show was staged in the Sudie Fulford Learning Center located on the East Georgia College campus. The event was sponsored by The Seedling Garden Club in cooperation with the Swainsboro Kiwanis Club with participation by the Glad Garden Club.

Diana Malone served as general chairman of this year's event with Lucille Braswell, Judy McWhorter and Paula Karrh serving as co-chairman. Martha Cobb wrote the flower show schedule. Out of town judges were entertained with a luncheon served at the Edenfield House Inn. Kay Peacock served as hostess for the club. The show was open to the public with free admission.

Division 1-Horticulture: "Planting Our World" and Division 111-Special Exhibits "Heroes Saving Nature" were open to the public. Horticulture entries totaled 127 with 2 educational exhibits. Entries in horticulture were eligible for NGC Award of Horticulture Excellence.

Top awards presented in horticulture division were: Growers Choice-Judy McWhorter and Sue Stockholm. Award of Merit- Nancy Lisenby, Wanda Scarboro, Paula Karrh.Arboreal Award went to Yonna Bailey. Horticultural Excellence went to Paula Karrh. Flower Show Award went to Angella Sconyers. Wanda Scarboro won the NGC Sweepstakes Award for receiving the greatest number of blue ribbons in the Horticulture Division. She had 20 blue ribbons.

Division 11-Design "Beautifying Our World" section A "Happy Days" eligible for the Designer's Choice Award. Class 1 "Reaching for the Sky" a Line Mass design staged using a white pedestal. lst place Diana Malone, 2nd Ginny Smith, 3rd Amber Albritton and HM Gail Strickland. Class 2 "Garden Party: Let's Gather Outside" a functional alfresco table for two. 1st place Kay Peacock, 2nd Martha Cobb, 3rd Ann Peebles, HM Sue Stockholm. Class 3 "Flowers Make Us Smile" a creative design staged on table 1st place Judy McWhorter, 2nd Yonna Bailey, 3rd Kay Peacock 4th Wanda Scarboro.

Section B: "A Small World" eligible for the Petite Award. Class 4 "It's A Fun World" a petite design staged on a 31/2" square block. 1st place Dot Kirby, 2nd Nancy Lisenby, 3rd Sue Stockholm, HM Linda Dekle. Class 5 "It's A Glamorous World" design staged on an upside-down clear glass wine glass. 1st place, Kim Hooks, 2nd Becky Hill, 3rd Amber Albritton, HM Susan Stephenson. Class 6 "It's A Colorful World" design staged on round cork matt and depict some aspect of gardening. 1st place Paula Karrh, 2nd Wanda Scarboro, 3rd Wand Eillis H> Mary Pate Gay.

Division 111-Youth "Saving Our World". Section A: Youth Design, "Heroes in our World". Class 1. "Cartoon Heroes-juniors: Pre-school through age seven. A design celebrating Cartoon Heroes. 1st place Brileigh Scott, 2nd John Colton Bailey, 3rd Grier Stephenson HM Beatly Strickland. Class 2. "First Responder Heroes"" intermediates age eight through twelve. A design honoring First Responders. 1st place Tenley Allen Bailey, 2nd Abi Torphy, 3rd Milly Farmer HM Stelea Kate Marsh.  Division IV Education "Protecting Our World". Section A. "Heroes Saving Nature". Class 1. ""Take the Lead, Be a Hero". Exhibit1 What's the Buzz? Bees-Saving Our World, Paul Cerpovicz, East Georgia State College Beekeeping Club. Exhibit 2. Garden Clubs Take the Initiative- The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. Conservation initiatives for our world. Dianna Malone.

Top Awards presented in the Design Division, voted on by the panel of judges: Designers Choice Judy McWhorther. The Petite Award- Dot Kirby. In the youth division the NCG Youth Award went to Brileigh Scott and Tenley Allen Bailey. Top Award in Education went to East Georgia State College Beekeeping Club.

Local Awards-these awards were voted on the entire panel of judges. Pine Tree Festival Design awarded to Kay Peacock and the Joyce Harrison Design Award went to Judy McWhorter.

The purpose of the Seedling Garden Club's flower show is thee fold: 1. to set standards of artistic and horticulture excellence 2. to broaden knowledge of horticulture, flower arrangement, conservation and other related areas and 3. to share the beauty of a show with fellow club members and the public.

Flower shows combine artistic vision, horticultural mastery, engineering and sophisticated craftsmanship to create a brief but brilliant display of beauty in time.

 It takes time and effort from many volunteers to organize a flower show. From the chair to the division committees the passes of the judges, and tech team to the entrants-each individual contributes to the final experience for visitors. Seedling wishes to thank all that came to the flower show. It was a beautiful show and East Georgia State College was a great help in making it a special event to kick off the Pine Tree Festival.


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