SAR honors 13 fallen servicemen at local park


Compatriot and Vietnam Veteran John Tapley, Jr. of the Wiregrass Chapter, Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution, contacted his SAR Chapter about honoring the 11 Marines, one Navy corpsman and one Army soldier that were killed by an ISIS-K suicide bomber outside the Kabul airport while helping to oversee the humanitarian evacuation mission of thousands of Americans and Afghan allies on August 26, 2021. 
Compatriot Tapley organized the event by purchasing 13 U.S. Flags, PVC pipe and zip ties. At home, he put them together and brought them to the chapter’s weekly coffee at Leanna's Restaurant on Friday, September 4. Chapter members wrote the initials of the servicemen on the back of flag poles. 

At approximately 9 a.m., having received permission to erect the flags, nine Wiregrass Chapter, SAR members traveled to Patriots Park, at the corner of Highway 80 E. and Highway 57 N. to display the flags in honor of the 13 fallen.
After erecting the flags on the outside fence, Wiregrass Chapter Chaplain Emory Fennell said a prayer for the families and our country. Compatriot Dess Smith III then called the honor guard to attention and gave command to present arms. Following this part of the event, Artillery Commander Steve Burke fired three volleys from his 6-pounder Naval Cannon. The chapter continues to mourn the loss of these servicemen and prays for their families.


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