Prayer, Your Weapon and Resource (pt.1)


Well, here we are in the midst of an ever distraught and increasingly unruly world. Wars in our homes, in our government, in our nation and yes in the world. The end of time is very near. Everyone is trying to prepare for what they think will be next. But the more you spend your money on material things, the less you are satisfied and still don’t feel secure. Greed had taken over and the economy is getting worse so what are you going to do? What is your security?

So, people have been storing up guns and ammunition for years for protection yet they still don’t feel safe. While we have always had guns, living on a farm, my dad would use them for hunting to secure food for the family. Yes, he had guns and ammo yet he had a more secure and powerful weapon, that weapon was prayer.

As a child, I would hear my dad praying at night in bed. My mom’s prayers were through the day. While she was cooking and cleaning, she was always humming a praise or a prayer. They taught us to pray always before we ate our food and before we got in bed at night. My parents had great responsibilities. Being the father and mother of four children, the pastor and overseer of churches, leaders in the community and supporters for other families, prayer was their key resource.

I remember traveling with my dad to Springfield, Massachusetts when I was sixteen years old. He coached me while driving there all the way. No, we didn’t have new cars nor AAA traveler’s insurance but he would pray over the cars we had. God would lead him as to what to do next. On our way back home, that old Oldsmobile ran hot in the middle of nowhere. Nothing was close by. In those days and also now, we had to be careful about approaching other people’s homes as strangers. Anyway, my dad began to pray. God led him to a stream of water. He had soda (drink) bottle in the car. He used it to go back and forth to the stream to put water in the car. God answered his prayer.

I learned to pray from my parents. I learned that prayer is our most powerful weapon and resource. I use it for myself. For Philippians 4:6 tells us. “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Yes, tell God about it. He will answer prayer That is our most powerful weapon and resource now and always. Remember, “…take it to the Lord in prayer”.


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