You know we want life to be all easy. We want everything with no effort. But life is a journey bigger and greater than you. There is a power which places the universe in motion. That power is God. God is. That means he is everything and has all power. He is supreme. There is nothing or none before him nor after him.

When we consider the magnificent awesomeness of God, we will adore him. Yes, adore him and be thankful. When you can pray without being self-centered, then you are really praying. Just try adoring God and telling him how wonderful he is and admire him.

Pray by giving him thanks. Start by naming all the wonderful things he has done and is doing for you. Don't overlook the simple things which you have been taking for granted. Try praying without asking things for yourself and your family. Pray by praising and thanking God. Just worship him. Make him feel loved. Make him feel important. Make him feel special.

When you adore him and show gratitude, your atmosphere will change. Psalms 34 says, "I will bless the Lord at all times and his praises shall continually be in my mouth. O magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together." When have you just exalted his name and given him a day of praise and Thanksgiving?

Make this day be about him. Make this a "Bless You Lord Day ''. Don't worry about what's going to happen to you, God is going to take care of you as he always has. Just go in faith, praising him and giving him thanks. Isiah, for he will keep thee in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him. Keep a praise and a "thank you Lord" on your tongue. May God bless you as you experience a beautiful day with him.


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