Pam’s Magic Sauce approved for distribution


Rodney Patterson, founder of Pam’s Magic Sauce, recently received his nutritional facts panel and is officially ready to start launching his products in stores.
According to Patterson, aka Mr. UFO, the panel test was planned to have happened sooner but due to impacts brought by COVID-19, the process had been delayed.
After waiting for quite some time, he reached out and personally requested that the test be performed. Patterson’s request was answered by a doctor at University of Georgia’s Department of Agriculture as of last month, and he traveled to the university’s department to finally have the panel test performed. The results provided by the team of experts revealed a perfect PH balance, one of the best the university had ever seen. Now, Pam’s Magic Sauce is officially ready to be launched in stores!
Patterson’s official nutritional facts panel was signed May 25, 2021 - the same day as Patterson’s late sister, Pam’s, birthday, and just two days shy of Pam’s Magic Sauce receiving its LLCs last year on May 27, 2020.


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