Old Glory


I’ve been in this country longer than any of you. I’ve earned my place at the top of the pole. I’m the Old Red, White, and Blue.

Each time I’ve been called upon, I wave higher in the wind, and I’ve been to battle knowing we couldn’t win.

I’ve seen tears on young soldiers, from pain, loneliness, and fright. I’ve tried to wave higher and higher as I watched over them at night.

I was there at the break of day and stayed right by their side, I’d go with a soldier anywhere and always go with pride.

I’ve been in more battles than I care to say, I’ve draped the remains of the fallen, in lands so far away.

Now who is it that wants to see me, on the ground and all aflame? Step forward and be as proud as I, and tell me what’s your name.

Tell me what you’ve done for this country, you profess to care for so, tell me how you’ve fought for her, I’d really like to know.

If you can hold your head up and look me in the eye, tell me you’re not proud of me and want to see me die. If you can do these things I ask and face me man to man, you prove one thing only: YOU’RE NOT AMERICAN!

Grace Grant

Alexandria, VA


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