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On Monday, February 27, the House of Representatives met for four days in the House Chamber and devoted an entire day to working in our respective committees. With Crossover Day approaching, we worked longer hours each day to thoroughly review and vote on key pieces of legislation. I look forward to sharing more about some of these bills that aim to address important issues facing our state.

Last session, the House of Representatives championed the Mental Health Parity Act to reform Georgia’s mental health care delivery system and improve client outcomes for those with severe mental illness. Building upon this monumental bill’s foundation, the House overwhelmingly passed House Bill 520 to continue to streamline and improve the state’s behavioral health care system and expand its workforce.

The House also passed bipartisan legislation to expand mental health care options for veterans living in Georgia. House Bill 414 would create the Veterans Mental Health Services Program, which would serve as a competitive grant program to improve access to mental health services for service members, veterans, and their family members in Georgia. The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities would administer these grants to eligible non-profit community behavioral health programs that demonstrate their ability to provide high-quality services to veterans and their families. The Veterans Mental Health Services Program would be a significant step towards improving access to mental health services for our veterans and their families to ensure that these Georgians have the support they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

My colleagues and I also unanimously passed a historic bill to protect the rights of both Georgia’s renters and landlords and ensure that rental properties are kept in a safe and healthy condition. House Bill 404 would require rental properties to be “fit for human habitation” upon signing a lease, and landlords would be required to maintain their properties throughout the duration of the lease.

We passed House Bill 440, which would allow public and private schools to keep lifesaving medications on hand for students who have diabetes. HB 440 would allow public and private schools in Georgia to stock and administer glucagon, a medication used to treat severe hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, in people with diabetes.

The House also passed a major bipartisan bill this week to establish the regulatory framework for Georgia’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, which could encourage more businesses, such as convenience stores, to offer EV charging stations across the state.

On Day 27, the House passed legislation to help attract and retain qualified medical examiners in the field of forensic sciences by providing financial support to those burdened with student loan debt. House Bill 163 would create a student loan repayment program for full-time medical examiners who work for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's (GBI) Division of Forensic Sciences.

The House also passed House Bill 147, or the Safe Schools Act, to address how Georgia schools prepare for acts of violence on campus. The goal of this legislation is to improve school safety and preparedness and reduce incidents of violence and gang activity on school grounds.

When we return to the Gold Dome on Monday, March 6, we will complete Legislative Day 28, otherwise known as Crossover Day. Crossover Day is the deadline for legislation to be passed out of its chamber of origin to remain eligible for consideration to become law this year. I hope that you will continue to reach out this session so that I can address any concerns you might have about legislation that we are considering.

I remain dedicated to serving your interests as your state representative, and I hope that you will contact me with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the legislative session or with any proposals or recommendations for future legislation.

You can also stay in touch by visiting our website at to watch a live stream of the House in action, as well as archived committee meetings, and review legislation that we are considering.

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Thank you for allowing me to be your representative.


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