New Location for Emanuel County Schools Community Food Processing Center


Did you know Emanuel County Schools has a community food processing center located in Twin City? The center is operated by the Emanuel County Schools Agricultural Education staff and students and is located at 104 Rountree Avenue. The facility will operate on a Monday through Friday basis beginning June 6 and ending July 22, and will also operate on Saturdays, July 9 and July 16.

What can you process?




Points to Know:

•Salt/sugar must be provided by the customer

•Vegetables must be picked the same day unless told otherwise

•Staff reserves the right to refuse low quality produce

What services can we provide?

•Custom bean and pea shelling




Costs associated with the services:


•Washing/blanching — $1/bushel

•Bagging — $1/bushel

•Customers must provide bags

•Peas/beans can be canned for additional cost of cans.

•Fruits/vegetables are canned in quart cans — $0.50 per can (cans are donated by Crider Foods this year; there is still a slight charge to assist with misc. expenses related to processing.).


•The staff will process all corn.

•An appointment must be scheduled a week in advance.

•Corn is processed same day and must be picked up by 3:00 p.m.

•Corn will be shucked, silked, cut, blanched, and bagged for freezer

•Cost is $25 per 100 ears/25 cents per ear.

•Staff will allow 10% overage of corn that was scheduled when the appointment was made. Any other overage will be assessed at double rate of $0.40 per ear or not processed based on the customer request.

•Call 478-763-3661 to schedule an appointment. If no one answers, please leave a detailed message with a call-back number.


Customers will not be allowed in the facility except with an appointment for patron processing of their own produce. The facility will begin patron processing June 13.

•When the facility opens for patron processing on June 13, an appointment must be made. The workstation will be sanitized by the ag staff before and after use by each customer. There will be hand soap and disposable towels for use.

•Ag teachers will direct customers to pull in to the drop-off location when it is their turn.

For more information, call 478-763-3661 or visit the Emanuel County Schools CTAE Facebook page.


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