National First Responders Day: Don’t forget to tell them thanks!



October 28 sets aside National First Responders Day as a way to honor the men and women who act quickly when an emergency is at hand.

First responders dedicate their lives to save lives. They are the people who run toward a crisis while the rest of the world flees. According to the Department of Homeland Security, 4.6 million career and volunteer first responders support the communities where they live. They are firefighters, police, emergency medical technicians (EMT), and paramedics. They’re the first on the scene in an emergency. These dedicated professionals answer the call when a crisis arises, often putting their own lives on the line.

The day celebrates their service as a national day of gratitude for the endless hours and around the clock service they provide to their communities.

Their sacrifices go beyond the hours they work. They face high stress, often daily. The trauma they see wears on them both mentally and physically. Many experience Post Traumatic Stress. Long periods away from family add stress to their relationships, too.

National First Responders Day is also a call for action. First responders deserve our support. Through resources and awareness, first responders can live healthier more productive lives and pass their knowledge and skills on to the next generation of first responders.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalFirstRespondersDay

The day provides you with an opportunity to recognize a first responder in your life. You might be surprised at how many you know. If their service is voluntary, you may only know about their day job. Offer to treat them to their favorite beverage or buy their next meal. More importantly, support programs that improve services to first responders. Thank a first responder who came to your rescue. Let them know you appreciate their dedication and sacrifice.

Share your appreciation on social media using #NationalFirstRespondersDay.


In 2019, the United States Senate passed a resolution designating October 28th as National First Responders Day to honor the men and women putting their lives on the line.

The All Clear Foundation supports a joint resolution from both houses of Congress proclaiming an annual observance. The organization urges you to sign the petition for a national declaration of the day by visiting


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