Memory Lane: Feb. 15, 1982


From the February 15, 1982  edition of The Forest-Blade:


James Henderson, 12 year old Swainsboro resident, completes a special Valentine on Mrs. C.E Reed’s lawn. According to Mrs. Reed, who resides on Church Street, Swainsboro, James volunteered to rake her yards Saturday. When asked for his reason for the heart shaped leaf pile, he told her he did it “cause I love you,” and asked her not to move the leaves until after Valentine's Day. The youth usually raked the lawn for Mrs. Reed. 


The market is full of surprises. Since the science of modern technology, new products have been popping up all across the world. Now there is imitation milk. The new product is dried powder, but unlike non-fat milk, it is not made from whole fresh milk. Instead, it is a mixture of whey powder, (cheese by produce), corn syrup solids, coconut oil, sodium caseinate, phosphates, mono and diglycerides, calcium lactate, guar gum.


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