Letter to the Editor: WHAT IF?


Emanuel County is fortunate to be blessed with a healthcare facility and its staff of Emanuel Medical Center. WHAT IF the hospital and staff were not here? Rural communities similar to ours have a struggle providing medical services to their citizens and this challenge becomes more difficult every day. WHAT IF the authority and leadership were not dedicated and determined? (Thank you guys) Many times we trust the facility will be there when we need it and take it for granted. WHAT IF it did not exist?

Several days ago I needed emergency medical attention and was transported to the emergency room of Emanuel Medical Center for treatment. WHAT IF the hospital was not there? What would be the outcome of my condition?

The hospital responded to my needs in a professional manner from my arrival, to the emergency room, my treatment and follow-up care. I was treated not as a number on a wrist band, but a person whose health was a concern to the staff. They cared about my condition and treated me with professional care. WHAT IF the emergency room door had a sign on the door saying CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE?

The emergency room physicain was very knowledgable, approachable and courteous. WHAT IF he was not there? I can’t say enough about my experience with the entire medical treatment and team of Emanuel Medical Center. We are fortunate to have Emanuel Medical Center in our community and I am blessed that is was here when I needed it.

My WHAT IS’S become THANK YOU’S! A BIG THANKS to Emanuel Medical Center and a special thanks to the emergency room staff. You are special.

Bobby Sasser


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