Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

We are residents of Forest Hills, the neighborhood off Oaklawn Drive and Golf Drive in Swainsboro.

For close to a year, we have had numerous incidents with packs of five to eight dogs that roam our neighborhood. We believe these dogs have killed many pets and small animals in our neighborhood including cats, chickens, and rabbits. They have also damaged fences, rabbit hutches, and garbage bins. These dogs have been seen crossing Kite Road during the day and night. They have also been spotted in the empty lot behind East Georgia Center for Oral & Facial Surgery on Kite Road.

Many of us have called the animal shelter to complain about these dogs, but nothing has been done. We need the city’s help with this. These dogs are killing machines and they will NOT stop. This is a neighborhood with many young children, and these dogs have been using this area as their hunting ground. Does a child need to be hurt for anyone to do anything?

Thank you.

Alan Brasher

Jacquie Brasher

Sam and Jessica English

Dustin and Lacey Everett

Diane Kirby

Kirbi Lamb

Russell Lamb

Patricia Ragsdale

Cel & Phil Thompson

Jennifer Ware


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