Letter to the Editor


I want to thank Ronnie Johnson for his most complimentary words in his Letter to the Editor last week. He specifically mentioned that despite my not holding a position on City Council, I still knew the specific SPLOST and ARPA financing numbers with regard to the proposed $700,000 gymnasium refurbishment project. As much as I would like to take credit for being so knowledgeable, I must entirely credit the two councilmen from whom I sought this fiscal information.

He mentioned that I run for a City Council position. My district is so much more well-served by my present councilman than I could ever hope to achieve, and I don't plan to move. Also, our City Council needs a more level head than I possess!

In closing, I hope that wise choices will be made so that the $2.8 million ARPA federal grant will serve ALL Swainsboro citizens. Windfalls of this magnitude don't come to our city every day, and these funds will go a long, long way towards financing projects critical to Swainsboro's needs for today and tomorrow.

Robert Agress


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