Letter to the Editor


This time last year, how could we have known that this Christmas, especially our country, would be in such confusion and turmoil? We are living in uncertain times! If ever, mankind needed a savior, it is now!

Thank God we have such a savior! He came to earth as a baby in Bethlehem and paid the ultimate price for our salvation and peace and goodwill. Because of him, we have hope!

The words of a song are as follows: “In a world filled with doubts and confusion, it is so hard when you don’t understand, but I’m standing on a solid foundation and I’m holding to an unchanging hand”!

This solid foundation is “Jesus Christ”. He is the true meaning of Christmas. Remember the words the angel declared the night of his birth, “Fear not! Unto you is born a savior who is Christ the Lord”!

He is God’s gift to mankind! He was not sent in glittering packaging, nor tied with pretty bows. He was wrapped in swaddling cloth and laid in a lowly manger. Yet, he was the greatest present ever to be given to this world.

Joy to the world, the Lord has come!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Happy Birthday, Jesus, what on earth can we give to you? You own the world and all its wealth, and everything in heaven too!

What can I give you, Jesus? There’s nothing I can place beneath the tree, that would fill your day with happiness when all you want is me!

I’ll work real hard to improve my life, I’ll be the best servant that I can. I’ll let my light shine more brightly, I’ll be more thoughtful of my fellowman!

We don’t know the real day of your arrival, we’re just very glad you came. O, beautiful star of Bethlehem, Hosannas to your name!

You came to us years ago, born in a stable in a distant land. You were laid in a manger made of wood you’d created with your own hand!

So, again I’ll say, “Happy Birthday”. Thank you for coming down to earth, we’ve sat aside this special day to celebrate your birth!

My gift won’t be tied with ribbons, it’s won’t be bought at the local Wal-Mart. It is something you want more than anything else, I’m giving you my heart!


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