Knoeferl wins grand prize for participation in SPD Treasure Hunt for Kids program


Swainsboro Police Department held a grand prize drawing for the ultimate winner of this year’s Treasure Hunt for Kids, an annual summer program hosted by the department, on Monday, July 19. This year’s program held 24 participants who all received prizes for locating hidden rocks throughout the city by following clues posted on the department’s Facebook page. The names of the 24 winning participants are as follows:
Rock#1 - Grayson Polan
Rock#2 - Rainee Meadows
Rock#3 - Conner Clements
Rock#4 - Leland Polan
Rock#5 - Damien Johnson
Rock#6 - Virginia Palumbo
Rock#7 - Robert Palumbo
Rock#8 - Kellan McNeely
Rock#9 - Wesley Reese
Rock#10 - Brinley Brinson
Rock#11 - Marshall Way
Rock#12 - Jaylee Gray
Rock#13 - Joshua Gray
Rock #14 -Cash Knoeferl

Rock#15 - Madison Knoeferl
Rock#16 - Josiah Stoltzfus
Rock#17 - Found but never turned in
Rock#18 - Grayson Brinson
Rock#19 - JJ Hall
Rock#20 - Jason Brinson
Rock#21 - Jay Hall
Rock#22 - Savannah Clayton
Rock#23 - Arinna & Jayden Wiley
Rock#24 - Nathaniel Stolzfus
And the grand prize winner is…
Cash Knoeferl was announced as this year’s grand prize winner and was awarded a bicycle!
When announced as this year’s winner, Knoeferl’s mother expressed her excitement for her son winning. She advised that the announcement lifted her son’s spirits after an unfortunate event occurred over the weekend that left Knoeferl undergoing surgery after being burned by a campfire while camping with his family. Although, one could possibly not have noticed the hardship faced when seeing Knoeferl redeem his grand prize with much excitement.
When asked how he felt on being this year’s grand prize winner, Knoeferl responded with “Good.” When asked his thoughts of his new bike, his smile gleamed bright and he said, “I like it. I hope it will go fast. I like fast.”
SPD Chief Randy Ellison states that the agency thoroughly enjoyed hosting this year’s summer event and appreciates parents/guardians for actively participating in the program with local youth.


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