Knight charged with murder


On the morning of May 22, 2024, at approximately 1:23 a.m., officers of the Swainsboro Police Department located a single motor vehicle crash at the intersection of Coleman Street and East Main Street, of which had just occurred. As officers began to render aid to the those inside the vehicle, it became apparent that the male driver was not beathing and was unresponsive. The female passenger was alert but was trapped inside the vehicle. Additional emergency assistance was requested from fire/rescue, as well as EMS. The Georgia State Patrol was requested for assistance in the crash due to the severity of injuries. While on the scene, officers received information that the driver of the vehicle was deceased, and the Coroner’s Office was requested. The female passenger was removed from the vehicle and transported to Augusta due to the severity of her injuries.

While conducting the investigation into the incident, officers discovered the driver had additional injuries not caused by the accident and appeared to have a single gunshot wound to his chest area. This injury was the direct cause of the crash, and a more extensive investigation was needed, so officers immediately called for the agency’s C.I.D. staff and relayed the findings.

Investigators began arriving on the scene and started collecting needed evidence. This evidence led investigators to conclude that the deceased male, identified as Raymond Seays, age 42, of a Swainsboro address, died from an apparent gunshot wound.

Over the next several hours, investigators continued looking for information and collected more evidence, which pointed to a person of interest that was known to have had contact with the deceased just moments before the crash. The person of interest was identified, and as more evidence was collected, this person was named a suspect in the death of the Mr. Seays.

On the evening of the same day, May 22, warrants were issued for the suspect identified as Derrick V. Knight, age 33, of a Dublin address. The warrants were sent to authorities in Dublin and Mr. Knight was arrested a few hours later following a pursuit in the Dublin area. Knight was transported to Emanuel County Jail where he is being held on the charge of murder. Additional chargers are pending as the incident remains under investigation by the Swainsboro Police Department.

Knight had his first appearance hearing Thursday morning, May 23, with Honorable Judge Sherri McDonald on the bench. Knight is currently being held in the Emanuel County Jail awaiting his Grand Jury hearing in July 2024.