Kalmanson Gallery announces Turner as featured artist for Black History Month


Missy Turner is the featured artist for Black History Month at The Kalmanson Gallery of Emanuel Arts Council. An opening reception will be held February 8, from 5 to 7 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

Missy and her husband, David Burrell, are the new owners of the historic Morgan House in Swainsboro. Missy has always shown that one of her main aspirations in life is to actually discover her various purposes and then fulfill them. Always creative, and a woman who takes life by the horns to create her own path, Missy ventured into the world of art a few years ago as a painter. “Most of the time, I begin with a few strokes and allow the art to take its own direction,” she said. “The energy leads. I follow.” Since beginning her artistic journey, she has created over 200 pieces of art. Missy’s art is reflective of who she is as a person--colorful, thoughtful, often deliberate, soft and strong, smart, emotional, conscious, and loving. She uses acrylics, oils and other media in combination with trained and well-developed self-taught techniques. As a result, she’s able to produce still-life and abstract artwork that reflects a distinguished painting style in which her unique aesthetic signature is easily identified. Missy sources and collects a wide range of figurative and abstract imagery from her environment. She then transposes and translates these images with bold brushstrokes, sometimes colorful patterns, and exuberantly painted imagery. Her art also includes muted tones and meticulous detail that invoke feelings of gentleness and the fragility of life. As from where she draws her inspiration, she says, “The answer is simple. Look around you—Nature. Animals. Experience. Love. Life.”

The Kalmanson Gallery is located at 109 North Green Street in Swainsboro, next to Bangles II Salon and Stewart’s Jewelers. Gallery hours are 12-3 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. The Emanuel Arts Council, Inc. (EAC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose purpose is to empower and grow the community through cultural programs in all areas of the arts for the general betterment and benefit of the people of Emanuel County and surrounding areas. For updates on programming, find Emanuel Arts Council on Facebook and Instagram.