JAIL: 3.13.24


The following persons have been booked into Emanuel County Jail, according to Emanuel County Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer, on warrants obtained by one of several local law enforcement agencies, designated by each name: Drug Task Force (DTF); Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI); Georgia Department of Pardons and Parole (GAPP); Georgia State Patrol (GSP); Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO); Swainsboro Police Dept. (SPD); Stillmore Police Dept. (SMPD); Twin City Police Department (TCPD); Garfield Police Dept. (GPD); Adrian Police Dept. (APD); Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU); Intensive Probation Service (IPS); Probation Office (PROB); or East Georgia State College (EGSC).

Brent Chase Allen, 24, arrested 3/5/24; Theft by conversion – felony (x4)/Theft by taking – felony/Probation violation

Anthony Jody Bender, 25, arrested 3/5/24; Theft by taking – motor vehicle/Reckless driving/Fleeing or attempting to elude police officer/Failure to stop at stop sign/Failure to obey traffic control device/Aggravated assault/Interference with government property/Driving while unlicensed/Failure to maintain lane

Bobby Lee Bostic, 41, arrested 3/7/24; Court order

Thomas Clarance Burnette, 54, arrested 3/5/24; Driving while license suspended/revoked/Seatbelt violation

Shannon Niclas Carey, 23, arrested 3/5/24; SPD probation

Harry Lamont Carlton, 38, arrested 3/10/24; Disorderly conduct/Public drunk/Probation violation

Clarence Danford, 58, arrested 3/5/24; Battery

David Lewayne Doyle, 45, arrested 3/9/24; Giving false name, address or DOB to law enforcement officer/Possession of schedule II controlled substance/Probation violation - felony

Jared Felton Fields, 35, arrested 3/7/24; Court order

Megan Amanda Fisher, 36, arrested 3/10/24; Hold for McIntosh Co.

Brittany Lynn Gabriel, 28, arrested 3/5/24; Court production order

Charles Henry Hall, 41, arrested 3/10/24; Court

Deanna Merritt Jackson, 51, arrested 3/7/24; DUI less safe/DUI – child endangerment (x3)

Desi Lee Hyman Jackson, 38, arrested 3/7/24; Court order

James Wenston Jackson, 58, arrested 3/9/24; Hold for Chatham Co.

Justin Demond Johnson, 26, arrested 3/7/24; Court order

Craig Anthony Kirkpatrick, 38, arrested 3/8/24; Probation violation

Verlon Lashawn Lodge, 51, arrested 3/5/24; Seatbelt violation/No insurance/Driving without license/Hold for Washington Co.

Christopher James Charlie McRae, 27, arrested 3/6/24; Suspended tag/Driving while license suspended/revoked/Bench warrant

Megan Deann Nasworthy, 32, arrested 3/7/24; Probation violation – felony

Stephanie Barbara Nesmith, 36, arrested 3/6/24; Court production order

Valerie Kamille Oglesby, 48, arrested 3/4/24; CPO

James Ryan Owens, 38, arrested 3/8/24; Court production order

Anthony Deshawn Randall, 21, arrested 3/5/24; Obstruction of law enforcement officers/Possession and use of drug related objects/Possession of cocaine

Daniel Kavika Ricketson, 42, arrested 3/8/24; Driving while unlicensed/Speeding

Scotty Ray Scarboro, 21, arrested 3/4/24; Disorderly conduct

Jackey Smiley, 62, arrested 3/8/24; Expired registration/Driving while license suspended/revoked/No insurance

Jonathan Oneal Smith, 36, arrested 3/7/24; Court order

Michael Keondre Smith, 49, arrested 3/6/24; Parole violation

Justin Tyler Stanley, 28, arrested 3/4/24; Driving while unlicensed/Hold for EM6

Carl Lawton Wheeler, 51, arrested 3/9/24; Driving while license suspended/revoked/Probation violation

Treall Williams, 19, arrested 3/4/24; Probation State Court

Ariana Yvete Willis, 29, arrested 3/7/24; Court production order

Amanda Rae Wilson, 41, arrested 3/7/24; Probation violation – felony

Gary Nelson Wilson, 72, arrested 3/6/824; Criminal trespass (2)