‘I want to ride a big horse!’


On Thursday, July 30, 9-year-old Colbie Radford set up a stand in downtown Swainsboro in front of RoofUS on West Main Street. Her purpose? Selling lemonade and bracelets to raise funds for horseback riding lessons.

“I’ve rode ponies at fairs before, but I’ve never got to ride a big horse and I really want to,” Radford said Thursday as she expressed her heart’s desire to climb onto a saddled horse. “I asked my mom if I could, and she said I’d have to raise the money for lessons because I already take dance, so I’ve been helping do some chores around the house to raise money and decided I wanted to do a lemonade stand, too!”

Offering a variety of colored rubber band bracelets and lemonade in flavors of regular or strawberry, Radford sold the cups of homemade beverages and jewelry for $1 each. She also offered complimentary glasses of lemonade to all veterans, emergency personnel, and first responders.

Radford’s stand was self-made and featured written signs on cardboard detailing prices and information, two lemonade jugs, bracelets, ice, cups, hand sanitizer, as well as a fund box for monetary collections obtained through the day’s sales.

Her efforts were rewarded with profit and success. According to Radford, she sold completely out of lemonade and raised approximately $150 through sales and donations.

“It was really fun! I have been wanting to host a lemonade stand for a long time and was finally able to do it. It was so nice of everyone who helped me raise money for horseback riding lessons,” Radford added after closing up shop.

To check out live footage from this event, be sure to check out The Forest-Blade’s Facebook page, Emanuel County Live!


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