Hometown Public Servant: Stacey Scarboro, Emanuel County Board of Commissioners administrative assistant


This week’s Hometown Public Servant is Stacey Scarboro, Emanuel County Board of Commissioners administrative assistant.

Born and raised in Fernandina Beach, Florida, Scarboro and her family moved to Fannin County, Georgia when she was six-years-old. In 1994, after a few big life changes, Scarboro’s mother selected Swainsboro as the town in which she wished for her and her children to live in, and ever since, Emanuel County has been home to Scarboro.

“My mother loved how Emanuel County was centrally located between Macon, Savannah, and Augusta. She bought our little homeplace in Kemp and Swainsboro has been home ever since. In January 2020, I purchased my first home roughly two miles from our homeplace that my mama loved so much. Emanuel County was and still is our chosen home,” Scarboro explained.

Working closely as the assistant of Emanuel County Administrator L. Guy Singletary and the county commissioners, Scarboro wears many unmentioned hats and wears her hats proudly while managing the county’s social media, marketing, and website.

“I love the challenge that comes with my job and I appreciate the opportunity to work for and serve Emanuel County,” Scarboro stated in a recent interview.

A faithful servant, Scarboro’s job duties have changed multiple times during her five years of employment with the commissioner’s office but she says that the basic job as administrative assistant has continued to stay true through time.

“Guy has seen my potential and has given me tasks to help my growth in my current role and for that, I am also appreciative. I have worked in many capacities within our office and have placed myself in a position to attempt to learn as much as possible. I have a need to be challenged and a desire to learn. I enjoy helping others and if there’s a way that I can help someone, I’m all in,” she further commented.

Scarboro’s day-to-day job duties vary each day. Some days are spent working with the commissioners and their meetings, but her everyday workflow consists of providing daily Covid social media updates and whatever task is thrown her way while handling basic administration duties. However, with all Scarboro’s many responsibilities, her most enjoyable moments on the job are spent communicating with the citizens of the county.

“Citizens call for various reasons and usually, it’s a real problem for them. That’s where I can make a difference and help solve their problems or put them in touch with someone who can,” Scarboro stated.

In addition to helping citizens of Emanuel County, Scarboro is also fond of the relationships built with local leaders within the community as well as her fellow co-workers.

“Our county has so many great leaders. I guess you can say I have learned from them what public service looks like. It isn’t always pretty, but it is always needed. That’s what makes me want to do my part to make a difference too. I also have so much appreciation for my office co-workers, Guy, Harriett, Carol, Rhonda, and Risa, and the dedication they have to Emanuel County. We are a wonderful team and I definitely have learned so much over the years just having them by my side. Our constitutional officers, department heads, and employees are just awesome. I wouldn’t want to do what I do without them. Together, we work to make Emanuel County ‘The Place to Grow’,” Scarboro commented.

In regard to Emanuel County being The Place to Grow, Scarboro sees a need in which she addressed during her recent interview - that being the importance of educating local youth on just how much the local government can have an impact in their lives.

“Before I was employed by the county government, I never knew the extent of what county government really is or was. I would love for our kids to be educated on what their county can do for them as citizens and how they, as young adults, can provide a life of service to their hometown,” she stated.

Scarboro’s homelife

When getting to know Scarboro, it’s clear that her love for the county runs deep, almost as deep as the love she has for her children. Scarboro is the mother of two great kids, Hunter Chace and Emily Fayth. Hunter is a junior at Emanuel County Institute, and Emily is enrolled in the fifth grade at Twin City Elementary School.

“While I have known great love my whole life, my children have taught me how to truly love. They make me want to be a good example and to be a better person,” Scarboro stated affectionately.

In her spare time, Scarboro enjoys photography, time spent in the blueberry fields with her dad, visiting family members in Florida, cooking for the people she loves most, attending church, and making her entire family feel special.

“It’s such a beautiful life and I am thankful for my part in it,” she explained.


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