Hometown Public Servant: Bill Cahill


Nominated as this week's Hometown Public Servant is Bill Cahill, PIO and freelancer for The Forest-Blade. Cahill is not a native of Emanuel County, but his face may be familiar to many locals - especially those in public works. When catastrophe strikes, more times than not, Cahill is the man behind the camera on scene documenting details of each event. He holds an extensive background in public works, and is educated in fire science, law enforcement and medical. He also has a passion for photography. In fact, many newsworthy, emergency-related events featured in The Blade and Emanuel County Live are Cahill contributions. His ability to capture the perfect shot for publications ranked first place status in the photo portfolio division during the 2019 Georgia Press Association convention hosted on Jekyll Island. On behalf of his dedication to keeping locals informed and safe as well as his countless Cahill contributions made throughout the years, we find it only fitting to highlight Cahill's service as a way of saying "Thank you" for your service to Emanuel County.


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