Hawhammock Baptist Church Judgement House


Hawhammock Baptist Church has presented Judgement House for nineteen years and is looking forward to their twentieth year. Judgement House is a walk-through drama that presents the truth of people’s choices versus the consequences of those decisions both in this life and the next. This year they will limit the number of visitors in each group. The pastor of Hawhammock, Cail Pressey says, “We are excited about this year’s presentation. The script is strong, and the message is strong. We hope that the community will come share as the gospel of Jesus is presented in drama.”

This year’s performance is entitled “The Masquerade.” The Brown family is active in their community and in their church. Mrs. Brown is the women’s ministry coordinator for the upcoming Masquerade party. Mr. Brown is a deacon at the church and very family-oriented dad and husband. Mr. Brown has a co-worker, Darren Johnson, whose life has been filled with tragedy and hurt causing him to wear an emotional mask that could not be penetrated. Because of his background, Darren is strongly opposed to anything regarding church or God. Finally, God’s love breaks through his mask, and he experiences true freedom.

The dates are October 24, 27, 30, & 31. There is no charge, but reservations are highly recommended and limited. Many slots are already filled. For reservations, please call or text (478) 455-4687. For more information, call Hawhammock Baptist Church at (478) 237-3429.


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