Have you seen this bird???

Yes, you have. He, along with several, several more, is a Pine Siskin and they are probably at your feeder right now. These birds are in what is called an irruption year, where large numbers of siskins migrate to Georgia for the winter. The birds are experiencing a food shortage up north. While being fun to watch, they are feisty but will empty a feeder in minutes. Many states, including Texas, California, Washington, Oregon, Virginia, North Carolina and, as recent as last week, South Carolina are currently experiencing salmonellosis outbreak. These states recommend taking all feeders down. Salmonellosis is a fatal bacterial infection that rapidly spreads through populations of wild birds via feces-contaminated food and water. Most often, it originates when birds flock to feeders or baths. Infected individuals will appear lethargic, puffed/fluff-up, with eyes partially closed; on occasion, eyes also appear swollen, red, or irritated. Georgia DHR recommends if you find dead birds, report the finding to them. Do not touch the birds. Feeders should be cleaned regularly with 10 percent bleach solution.


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