Hard lessons


I wanted to share a learning moment that God allowed me to experience one day. As you may not have known, I am a motorcyclist. I enjoy the freedom I feel and truthfully, the adrenaline I get from riding. Well, I’m riding on this beautiful Saturday headed to my mothers’ house. I proceeded to make a right turn at my destination and guess what. Yes, you guested it. I fell! I did not know what happened. All I knew was that me and my motorcycle was acting as if we were playing baseball, trying to get to home plate without an out. But I guess nobody told my motorcycle that sliding works best on softer ground. After my frantic mother helped me get myself together. I began to ponder what happened to make me fall. I could not figure out what was the cause, even to this day, I do not know if it was operator error or mechanical. This cause me to not ride for a while because I was scared of it happening again since I didn’t know what to correct to prevent it from happening. This is when I began to feel the Holy Spirit guide me into understanding. What could He have said about this you ask…? He began to point out that sometimes we fall in life.

Maybe you have experienced a fall/sin, adultery, unforgiveness, lust, negative thinking. We have to understand that God is bigger than our fall. The blessing we get from a fall is this. We get the chance to sit down with God, who is our loving Father, and go over what caused the fall. If we know what caused the fall, we don’t have to fear a repeat of repent. The problem that most of us face is that we hide ourselves from the truth. Some people, you may be one, hates correction. I guarantee you that a person who hates correction is a person who falls into the same pit time and time again. If you see that you have been caught into a cycle of repeating repentance, perhaps you would like to take this advice from the scripture, II Corinthians 13:5. The scripture explains this: evaluate yourself parallel to what God has spoken to see where you missed the mark. It is also as equally important to see what was done correctly. We want to repeat those things that are handled correct, for they teach us also.

So, in conclusion, you will have some things in your life to happen that you nor God are proud of, but this is not the end. It should not make you want to give up as I did after my motorcycle mishap. Pick yourself up, check out what was the cause from within you, correct it and keep moving. Do not let the enemy put things in your mind that makes you believe that you will never get over this fall. He is a liar but the Truth (Jesus) lives in you. We serve a wonderful, super-fantastic God! A Father, who loves us so much that He teaches us, in love, in the mist of our falls. He only wants your commitment to Him, and He will walk you through this life where scrapes and bruises are waiting to happen. Just trust your heavenly Father will tend to your wounds and teach you how to live unashamed.


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