Graduation memories


At this time of year, my thoughts often drift back to my mixed emotions about the end of my school days at SHS. This was a difficult time for me because I had also lost my father. Was I ready for my delightful childhood to end? Well, there was no choice. I had to look towards the future. As our class marched down to the music of Pomp and Circumstances, tears came with realization that I would never again be surrounded by my classmates, Mr. Glenn and the caring teachers I had known. The class sat down in the front rows, listened to speeches, awards presentations, and as I had always done in chapel, I looked at the wording above the stage. The soul of education is the education of the soul. Would I ever understand those words? For the last time, we stood together, held hands and sang the alma mater. Hail to thee dear Swainsboro High School with your Black and Gold. We will always treasure memories you enfold. Oft and fancy we will travel back to high school days to live in dreamland. Wake to sing your praise. I never dreamed where oft and fancy would take me. After SHS ,I followed my desire and lived in Atlanta until I met a ‘rambling wreck’ from Arkansas and oft and fancy began. After marriage, we traveled to his USAF assignments and later his career path. Never expected to live on the Mexican border, Philippine Island, Natchez Mississippi, Louisiana Bayou, three times in Texas, Virginia mountains, not enough time in Panama City FL, before settling in the delightful city of Greenville, SC. (Also, along this route I picked up two education degrees, taught a lot of children, even three of my own.) Whenever I am asked, “Where are you from?”, my answer is Swainsboro, Georgia.