Governor Kemp signs 250th car tag bill


Compatriots Lee Herron, Steve Burke and Dess Smith III traveled to the Georgia State Capital on Tuesday, April 23, to meet with Senator Max Burns and Governor Brian Kemp for the Governor's signing of Senate Bill 369, authorizing the 250th Anniversary American Revolution car tag for 2025 - 2030. Compatriot Lee Herron got the idea of the tag from South Carolina and wondered why we didn't have one. After talking with several of his SAR Skunk Brigade Compatriots, Herron set out to make it happen. One of the first things he did was contact his Senator, Honorable Max Burns, about the possibility of making this happen. After putting it all together, he took it before the Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution BOM meeting and got a 100% approval. Herron then submitted it to Senator Max Burns and the rest is history. Thanks to Lee Herron for his patriotism and leadership in this important part of our history.