Glad Garden Club amazed at Orchids


On March 13, not only was the Glad Garden Club fortunate enough to meet at the Sudie A. Fulford Center but members were also greeted by a table full of Orchids (Phalaenopsis). Pam Alexander, Author, Illustrator, Philanthropist, and beautiful orchid gardener presented an entertaining and informative program about her life and how she started growing orchids. From one pot to a whole dedicated room in her home, Alexander has refined the art of growing orchids. Imagine a room full of Orchid plants! Although Orchids are notorious for being finicky to grow, Alexander insists that once you get the right amount of sunlight, water and a routine you too, can grow beautiful orchids. Keeping orchids happy include providing the proper light as they like shade and definitely no direct sunlight. Alexander has dedicated a special slatted Bamboo shade to her orchid room window. To care for an orchid, you must remove all the debris around the roots and its even a good idea to spray the roots with listerine, yep, listerine in a spray bottle will kill all the bugs that may be there.

Remove all old moss and replant with first a Sphagnum Moss (NOT peat) and then a layer of special orchid medium that is mainly bark and may be purchased at any garden-outdoor supply store such as Lowe's, Home-Depot or even Amazon. Alexander’s orchids seem to do best when watered with rainwater. She collects it and waters the plants every 7 to 10 days in the winter and about once a week in the summer. However, regardless of the popular rumor, do not use ice cubes. Many more tips and stories were presented to provide for a wonderful and very interesting program. It's always a pleasure to hear from someone who truly loves what they do. The enthusiasm shows through her work. The Glad Garden Club thanks you, Pam.

The Glad Garden Club’s business meeting started with a heartwarming thank you from Carolyn Brown for the many thoughts, prayers, cards and just plain offers of friendship during the recent illness of her husband Von. He is doing much better now and is getting out more. Jeanette Hall reported that she felt that one bale of straw would be adequate for each Welcome to Swainsboro entrance that’s located on the bypass.

As time marches on folks are noticing the changes that are occuring at the Veterans and First Responders Park (formerly known as Pine Brook Park). Members of the Monday morning Veterans at the Library along with the Glad Garden Club have planted a Christmas tree in the center of the park. What makes this even more special, is that it just so happens that the planting of the tree coordinated with the observance of Arbor Day. So far, the tree appears to be thriving. Central Fence has provided spotlighting for the area and soon a new stone entrance sign with the parks new name will be provided by Billy Chapman.

The Glad Garden Club is so very proud to welcome a new green thumb to their humble but fun club. Welcome to the Glad Garden Club, Karen C. VanHorn. The Glad Garden Club is so happy you have joined.

Jeanette Hall won the beautiful songbird-bluebird columbine and hand-crafted basket made by and provided by hostess, Sherri Clifton. There was quite the lively discussion over the bidding of this beautiful piece but ultimately manners prevailed, and Hall received the opportunity to take her prize home with other members drooling behind her. Club members thank you so much for your precious raffle item, Sherri.

Glad Garden Club adjourned to Leanna's for lunch.

The Glad Garden Club is a member of the Deep South Region of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. and the Oleander District of the Garden Club of Georgia,Inc.