Givens, Rushing denied bond for association with December drive-by shooting


A preliminary hearing for William Jammal Givens and Odis Rushing Jr., codefendants in the fatal drive-by shooting of Dajarius Zashawn McGuire, 22, of Adrian, appeared before the honorable Judge Tommy J. Smith on Wednesday, April 28, in the Emanuel County Superior Courtroom.
Special Agent Eugene Howard with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations was placed on stand and provided details from working with the case. Howard provided intel that both Rushing and Givens phones were linked to cellphone towers within the area where the shooting occurred and within the same time frame of the drive by shooting. He further stated that investigations revealed that the shooting is believed to be gang-related, involving members of the Gangster Disciples and Bloods, and could be in association with 2020 shootings that occurred in May and June.
After further arguments were heard, Judge Smith deemed that information provided proved probable cause of both codefendants being gang related and that communication records further backed up probable cause of Rushing and Givens association with the December shooting. Judge Smith denied bond request of both codefendants.
On the evening of Tuesday, February 16, US Marshall’s Fugitive Task Force, GBI, ECSO, and SPD arrested Givens for his association with the 2020 murder of McGuire. Rushing was later arrested on May 30, 2021 for his alleged association with the crime.
A third party codefendant, Jachon Tydarian Mills, surrendered himself to the Emanuel County Jail on Monday, January 4, and was charged with the murder of McGuire. He was charged with three counts of Violation of Street Gang Terrorism & Prevention, two counts of Aggravated Assault, and Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony. He appeared before the Emanuel County Superior Court on January 27, 2021 for a preliminary hearing for his association with the shooting and death of McGuire that occurred December 28, 2020. Evidence at the hearing led Judge Smith to deny bond based on probable cause.
On Monday, Dec. 28, between the hours of 6:30 and 7 p.m., two vehicles were traveling south on US #1 in Emanuel County when the trailing vehicle opened fire on the front vehicle, striking it several times. McGuire, the passenger in the front vehicle, was killed in the gunfire. The driver of the vehicle, Daniqua S. Sanders, 21, of Swainsboro, was transported by EMS to Emanuel Medical Center, treated and released.


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