From Dumpster to Diva


Becca Blue Eyes, affectionately known as BeBe by those who love her most, lives a happy, county life that most shelter dogs desire for. However, her life wasn’t as golden as what it seems to be now.

BeBe was a shelter intake, along with her six brothers and sisters who were dropped off at a dumpsite here in Emanuel County. Left alone to survive at the dumpsite they called home, B.B. was the only fortunate pup out of the litter with a strong enough will to survive despite all efforts aided by shelter staff.

One day, while making a shelter donation drop off, Blaise Oliver and her grandmother, Dena Clifton, stopped by the pen BeBe occupied and fell head over hills for a blue eyed puppy that they would later call their own.

“Leta took all the puppies in at the shelter and tried to save them all. Blaise fell in love when she seen BeBe, and I couldn’t tell Blaise, BeBe, or Leta no when seeing BeBe’s sweet face and hearing of her rescue from the dumpster. We saved her, but I really think BeBe saved me,” Clifton stated.

At 8-weeks old, fitting in the palm of her new owner’s hands, BeBe was officially adopted June 17, 2019 and was spayed on November 8, 2019. Both dates being the appropriate date for adoption and spayed services.

Today, BeBe and her adopted owners are enjoying life together at the fullest. Clifton and BeBe enjoy morning walks together to the family pond to check on their geese and ducks. In fact, BeBe gets a thrill out of keeping her bird friends on their feet by sneaking up on them from time to time. When she’s not checking in on the birds down at the pond, BeBe also enjoys accompanying Clifton when feeding up the family’s chickens, goats, rabbits, and turkeys. Clifton says it’s Bebe’s most favorite time spent together. When she’s not helping tend to the farm animals, BeBe’s most favorite hobby includes laying on her pool-side bed sleeping the day away.

All in all, it’s clear BeBe has a blessed live with her new owners, who advise all to adopt rather than shop.

“It’s not about me or Blaise but saving this precious soul who might not would have made it without the love from others who believed in her,” Clifton concluded.


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