Firemen to the Rescue



Living in a small town does have its advantages. We have so many good and kindhearted people who are ready to come to the aid of people or animals in need of help.

On Memorial Day, two of our local Fireman, Colby Martin and Jamey Chalker came to the aid of my neighbor who had a young kitten up in her car’s body. She tried leaving the hood up with some canned cat food but that didn’t work. The kitten’s meowing was getting weaker as the day past. She was afraid the poor thing was going to perish to death before she could find help to get it out. It was a holiday and businesses with mechanics were closed. She called the fire department to ask if they could help. Fireman Colby was sent to see if he could help. When he couldn’t get to the kitten, he

called Jamey, and together they worked to rescue the kitten out from under the car. In fact, the kitten had to be rescued twice. As soon as they pulled the spitting, hissing kitten out, it was frightened and jumped out of their hands and ran up into the van parked beside the car. It took a group effort,

but the kitten was finally rescued.

A big thank you goes out to our local Firemen Jamey Chalker and Colby Martin, as well as all of our local Firemen and First Responders who go the extra mile to help people and animals. Thank you for being there when help is needed.


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