Fall, 1922


Breaking news! CNN has just now reported that among more and more people, Fall is becoming the most popular season of the year. More news at eleven! Yes folks, we now have so many “news” channels and podcasts and talk shows (the View, the Chew, the Talk, etc.) and other self-appointed facebook philosophers and reality stars that the information business is having a hard time finding enough information to go around. And the real head shaker is the fact that most of what now passes for news is stuff we already knew or don’t want to know anyway. But hey, thanks CNN, I was up all night wondering if Fall was really gonna happen this year. I sure hope the New York Times Editorial Board has a panel discussion streaming later tonight and maybe PBS will throw together a documentary next week for some in-depth coverage of this obvious conspiracy to subvert Fall.

So anyway, relax everybody and get ready. Fall will be back again, due to popular demand on, yep, you guessed it, the same time as last year, September 22nd. Ok, true confession: Fall has always been my favorite season, and, truth be told, it’s never really gotten the credit it deserves. Fall is that first teasing 59-degree morning that lets you know summer has finally packed up and headed south. Naturally, Fall is most notable for the dancing orange and yellow minions in the trees, chilly football nights and clear, sparkling days. But what’s really great about Fall is that “bonus time” of peace and quiet right before you have to start planning the Thanksgiving turkey or the countdown to Christmas. Full disclosure though; CNN just warned that you better shop even earlier this year because the supply chain crisis isn’t really over, and we expect heating bills and gas to go up causing inflation to keep rising along with interest rates and the new Iphone 44 will be delayed and on and on and on. Amid all the clutter and hectic days of the year, I think Fall is most importantly a time to slow down the race and examine the journey so far. You’ve probably accomplished more than you thought in the last nine months, and after all, Fall is a time of harvest and thanks. Its a special blend of seasons and its completely unique. So, just turn off CNN and all the other noise for a bit and absorb what Sandy Griswold, a writer for the Omaha Sunday World Herald wrote in describing Fall and Indian summer. “When it appears in all its glory it is a mild and genial season with gentle southwestern breezes, unusual brightness of the sun, a clear blue sky, extreme brilliancy of the moon, sunsets laden with golden fleeces and wooded valleys aglow with the fires of richly tinted leaves”. That excerpt was written in 1922, obviously a simpler time. Nothing else beyond that is needed, except, Happy Fall.


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